25 November, 2011

The Man-Eating Tree: Harvest – new album / Armed – new video


Inferno Magazine is hosting the full stream of THE MAN-EATING TREE sophomore album ‘Harvest’ – click here and take a listen. ‘Harvest’, already out in Finland, will be released on Century Media Records on the following dates: Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Norway on November 25th, 2011, the rest of Europe between November 28th – November 30th, 2011 and in Australia and New Zealand on December 2nd, 2011. The album will be available digitally only in North America from November 29th, 2011 on.

“Despite recording their sophomore album during a time when Finland was suffering from the worst heat wave in many years, ‘Harvest’ turned out gloomy as hell,” [reassures the press release]  “It will require you daring to dip your toes into its rocking maelstrom, but it’ll take until about halfway into the album to really hit you. By the time you reach its final track it will have sucked you in. Still, there is always light, even where darkness dwells. Likewise, even though it might not be entirely obvious, the season of autumn also marks the beginning of something new - and there is always lots of hope in starting something new,” [keeps on revealing life's unfathomable secrets the same source:] “You won’t find it too surprising that the title ‘Harvest’ is a reference to the Finnish autumn. Vesa Ranta (drums, formerly SENTENCED) explains: To me autumn is a very creative season and describes the album very well. With the recording of this album we went to the fullest - in a way we are ‘harvesting life’ with it.””

“Of course our Finnish roots are embedded in our music. We Finns are a relatively melancholic nation. This is our and the overall Finnish state of mind that is displayed on the album. The album is very ambient, but it’s the typical Finnish ambience with those dark shades. Still, there is light somewhere far on the horizon,” [clarifies things further Vesa Ranta]

THE MAN-EATING TREE was founded in 2009 by drummer, professional photographer and graphic designer Vesa Ranta (formerly SENTENCED) in order “to overcome his post-SENTENCED battle fatigue and lack of musical motivation”. Incorporating Miika Tenkula, Aaron Rantonen, Janne Markus, Mikko Uusimaa, Tuomas Tuominen and Heidi Määttä in his vision, the first sample of TMET gothic, atmospheric sound was recorded later that year. The group's debut album, ‘Vine’, was released in 2010 on Cobra Records.

THE MAN-EATING TREE features: Tuomas Tuominen – vocals, Janne Markus – guitar, Antti Karhu – guitar, Heidi Määttä – keyboards, Mikko Uusimaa – bass and Vesa Ranta – drums


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