14 November, 2011

Barn Burner: Scum Of The Earth – new video



Directed by Angela Boatwright, it is said that the video, ‘Scum Of The Earth’, embodies BARN BURNER entirely, being “full of partying, skateboarding, PBR and live footage!” Elaborated vocalist and guitarist Kevin Keegan:

“The video reflects two days of us getting to do the funniest and most ridiculous shit. Angela managed to create an atmosphere that was insanely professional while making it feel like being on way too much acid. I actually think she spiked our drinks with some mind altering substance because I don’t remember doing any of this…”

‘Scum Of The Earth’ is the opening track from the BARN BURNER's latest release and collaboration with producer & engineer Adrian Popovich, ‘Bangers II: Scum Of The Earth’, out since June 2011 on Metal Blade Records. Since they are known for creating a live atmosphere that render an audience incapable of standing still (“Whether it is giving your best friend a well-deserved swill of beer or lovingly smashing the bottle over his head to the sound of a ruthless riff, BARN BURNER will fulfill the demands of its listeners.”) and known, stylistically, for cultivating the principles of partying and the ever lasting might of the riff, make yourselves a favor and buy the album here (Metal Blade) and download the track ‘Keg Stand And Deliver’ for free here.

“They’ve ironed out the cymbal-hiss, butched up the bass, and cranked up the guitars to achieve a far stronger, more solid hit. The wickedly named ‘The Dark Side Of The Barn’ is instant proof of their development as it takes the pace down, issuing a volley of thudding bottom-end, to steer us blithely into a corner where it then flips and beats us into submission. … It doesn’t take a genius to see they’ve been experimenting with twisting their music into evil shapes, taking them ever further away from their debut’s more happy-go-lucky, rock ‘n’ roll roots and burying themselves deeper into chucking out heavy-lidded power chords that make your head pulsate,” [was pleased with ‘Bangers II: Scum Of The Earth’ John Skibeat, The New Review – more here]

Montreal, Canada's BARN BURNER, featuring Kevin Keegan on guitar and vocals, Cameron Noakes on guitar, Nick Ball on bass and Taylor Freund on drums, haven’t been around for long (“but their blend of metal, heavy blues, and alternative rock is quite compelling” writes AllMusic's Phil Freeman). The group signed to Metal Blade Records in 2009 based solely on live shows and demos. BARN BURNER's debut album, ‘Bangers’ was released in 2010:

“In stoner rock (and the closely related style known as doom metal), SABBATH's influence has been impossible to miss - and so many sludge bands wouldn’t sound the way they do were it not for classic SABBATH albums. BARN BURNER are no exception; every riff on ‘Bangers’ worships at the church of BLACK SABBATH to some degree. But instead of simply emulating Ozzy Osbourne-era and sounding like a '70s nostalgia band, BARN BURNER combine that SABBATH worship with an appreciation of grunge and alternative rock,” [AllMusic's Alex Henderson tried his luck allocating BLACK BURNER's sound – more here]

BARN BURNER: Bangers: Holy Smokes – courtesy of Metal Blade Records


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