27 November, 2011

Souldrainer: Heaven's Gate – new album


SOULDRAINER's second full-length, ‘Heaven's Gate’, has been released on November 25th, 2011 via ViciSolum Productions. Recorded at Empire Studio in Frösön, Sweden in 2010, the album was produced, mixed and mastered by the band's founder vocalist and guitarist Marcus Edvardsson - with some assistance from Ronnie Björnström. ‘Heaven's Gate’s artwork was created by Mattias Norén. You’ll find two songs off the new release, ‘The Quest’ and ‘Heaven's Gate’, below and if you like what you hear, buy your copy through here (ViciSolum Productions).

“Never imitating, but building upon the bricks laid by bands like HYPOCRISY, PAIN, AMON AMARTH, RAMMSTEIN and SAMAEL, SOULDRAINER is the representation of the next breed of melodic death metal. With thick layered rhythm guitars, atmospheric angel choirs, strings ensembles and ripping vocals, SOULDRAINER creates a distinguished harmonic aggression that hits you harder than a brick-wall-in-your-face,” [explains the press release]

Started in 1999 in Östersund, Sweden, by guitarist Marcus Edvardsson, vocalist Johan Klitkou and drummer Nils Fjellström as a studio project, SOULDRAINER recorded their first demo entitled ‘Everything Ends’ in 2003. With second guitarist Daniel Dlimi and bassist Joakim Wassberg, the group released second demo, ‘First Row In Hell’, in 2005, with it catching the attention of Dutch label Mascot Records. Before issuing their debut self-produced full-length, 2007's ‘Reborn’, SOULDRAINER replaced Fjellström with new drummer, Arttu Malkki. Klitkou would leave shortly after the album's release, thus leaving Marcus Edvardsson the only remaining founding member. ‘Garage Demo 2008’ followed, with Edvardsson also assuming vocal duties besides his guitar playing. Before entering the Empire studio to record their second album, ‘Heaven's Gate’, SOULDRAINER lost guitarist Dlimi and has remained a trio ever since.

SOULDRAINER features: Marcus Edvardsson – vocals and guitar, Joakim Wassberg – bass and Arttu Malkki - drums

  SOULDRAINER: The Quest – courtesy of vicisolum


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