30 November, 2011

Rose Funeral: Beyond The Entombed – new video



ROSE FUNERAL chose to make a video for the track ‘Beyond The Entombed’ and director Clay Cook obliged: “The song has a lot of emotion. From the symphonic sounds and the fast-paced drive, I believe the song stands out among most on ‘Gates Of Punishment’,” explained vocalist and guitarist Ryan Gardner to Noisecreep, where this video was first shown. We shouldn’t be surprised that the concept behind the video is all about forced religion and the corruption it brings – that’s something we’ve got quite used to by now. ROSE FUNERAL though are quite proud of the clip's dark and sinister imagery and blasphemous scenes.

‘Beyond The Entombed’ comes from ROSE FUNERAL's back in September 2011-released album ‘Gates Of Punishment’. This Metal Blade release features guest vocal appearances from Cincinnati opera singer Kate Alexander and Steve Tucker (ex-MORBID ANGEL). If unacquainted with ROSE FUNERAL, acquaint yourselves with their dark tunes here and here (Stereokiller; the track ‘Gates Of Punishment’) and then buy ROSE FUNERAL stuff here (Metal Blade).

Cincinnati, Ohio death metal trio ROSE FUNERAL self-recorded and self-released their first demo, ‘Buried Beneath The Blood’, in 2006. ‘Crucify.Kill.Rot’ EP, which quickly followed that same year, caught the attention of Siege Of Amida Records, which re-released it in 2007. ROSE FUNERAL's Metal Blade debut, ‘The Resting Sonata’, was issued in 2009:

ROSE FUNERAL: God Demise – courtesy of Metal Blade Records

“The delightful sounds of agonizing torture - a fitting description of ROSE FUNERAL's 2009 release, ‘The Resting Sonata’. You can run but you can’t hide from this hailstorm of part Cookie Monster/part Wicked Witch vocals and mathematically improbable riffs and blast beats. As with many bands that fit under the “extreme metal” umbrella, there’s not an awful lot of variety here, but by this point, it’s almost become a prerequisite with this metallic style/approach. Prepare to be dominated!” [was definite in his review Greg Prato, AllMusic Guide]

ROSE FUNERAL features: Ryan Gardner – vocals and guitar, Kevin Snook – lead guitar and Julian Kersey – bass

ROSE FUNERAL: Grotesque Indulgence – courtesy of lambgoat


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