27 November, 2011

Seelenmord: And We Will Find Only Solitude - Part I – free EP


Argentinean black metal duo, SEELENMORD, has uploaded the first of several EPs the pair intends to share freely (free of charge) with any and all who enjoy the genre as much as they do. Self-financed and self-produced, do appreciate the effort by downloading ‘And We Will Find Only Solitude – Part I’ here (MegaUpload) or  here (MediaFire). Influenced by bands such as ULVER, GORGOTH, NARGAROTH, TAAKE, ANAAL NATHRAKH, SILENCER and D.W.E.F., SEELENMORD is Enrique's and Daniel's expression of “need to create and record a raw, melodic and direct black metal”. Listen to three out of five tracks off of the just over 28-minutes-long EP below.




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