19 February, 2012

Full Album Stream: Asphyx: Deathhammer – new album


Update: Listen to ‘Deathhammer’ by ASHPHIX in its entirety here at Decibel Magazine.

Dutch doom/death metallers ASPHYX are about to release their newest album ‘Deathhammer’ via Century Media Records between February 24th, 2012 and March 2nd, 2012. Recorded at The Mörser Studio and Harrow Studio with engineer Harry Wijering, and mixed and mastered in Sweden by Dan Swanö, with artwork provided by Axel Hermann, the album comes in the following different formats: as limited edition mediabook double CD with special bonus disc, as standard jewelcase CD, as digital download and as LP (in black, red, red & black marbled, clear or grey). Pre-order ‘Deathhammer’ here. ‘Deathhammer’, the video clip, directed by Maurice Swinkels of Younique Film and of LEGION OF THE DAMNED fame can be viewed here (YouTube) or below.

Among the first death metal bands in the Netherlands, ASPHYX was formed in 1987 by drummer Bob Bagchus and guitarist Tonny Brookhuis (“under the morbid influence of such infernal genre forefathers as VENOM, HELLHAMMER/CELTIC FROST, SLAUGHTER and DEATH”). They released a good number of demos before inking a deal with Century Media Records, through which vocalist and bassist Martin Van Drunen, guitarist Eric Daniels and drummer Bob Bagchus proceeded to release ASPHYX's debut album ‘The Rack’ in 1991. ‘Crush The Cenotaph’ (1992), was followed by second full-length ‘Last One On Earth’ (1992) after which Van Drunen and Bagchus left the band, to be replaced by Ron van der Pol (bass and vocals) and Sander van Hoof (drums). Daniels remained with ASPHYX long enough to record the band's third eponymous album, issued by Century Media in 1994. With the band's future in question, their faithful label issued ‘Embrace The Death’, an album recorded by ASPHYX in 1990 but never released until 1996. Theo Loomans (vocals and bass) and Bob Bagchus re-formed ASPHYX in 1995 and recorded the group's fourth full-length, 1996's ‘God Cries’, with guitarist Ronny Van Der Wey. After the death of Theo Loomans in 1998, Baghus and Eric Daniels, along with bassist and singer Wannes Gubbels, released an album titled ‘Feeding On Angels’ under the name of SOULBURN, followed by 2000's ‘On The Wings Of Inferno’, only this time the band was known as ASPHYX once again. Nevertheless, they disbanded shortly after issuing their sixth full-length. Following the successful reunion concert in 2007, ASPHYX reassembled anew with Martin Van Drunen on lead vocals, Paul Baayens on guitar, Bob Bagchus on drums and Wannes Gubbels on bass and backing vocals. This lineup recorded 2009's ‘Death… The Brutal Way’, with double live album accompanied by DVD titled ‘Live Death Doom’ coming next in 2010.

ASPHYX features: Martin Van Drunen – vocals, Paul Baayens – guitar, Alwin Zuur – bass and Bob Bagchus – drums

ASPHYX – courtesy of Century Media Records


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