19 February, 2012

Stam1na: Nocebo – new album


With their latest album, ‘Nocebo’, already conquering the Finnish Album Chart and already achieving Gold status in Finland (having sold in excess of 10,000 copies), it’s high time to notice STAM1NA. Their fifth album, released on February 8th, 2012 on Sakara Records, was produced by Joe Barresi. Watch STAM1NA's latest video, ‘Valtiaan Uudet Vaateet’, on YouTube.

Formed in 1996, STAM1NA kept releasing demos and performing their speed metal riffs, progressive arrangements, and deranged approach to pop-smart melodies for quite a while, before they were picked by Sakara Records, owned by STAM1NA's brothers in arms MOKOMA. STAM1NA released their self-titled debut full-length in 2005, with it entering the Finnish charts (where the album remained for eight full weeks). Their second album, 2006's ‘Uudet Kymmenen Käskyä’, continued STAM1NA's upward climb on their home soil charts, peaking at number 3 on the Finnish Album Chart, and remaining among the top 40 best sellers for 17 consecutive weeks. ‘Uudet Kymmenen Käskyä’ won the Emma Award (the Finnish Grammy) in Metal Album of the Year category. STAM1NA's third album ‘Raja’ came out in 2008, shooting straight to top position on Finnish Album Chart upon its release, selling over 15,000 copies. Their 13-year celebration DVD, released the following year, topped Finnish DVD sales charts, as expected. In 2010, STAM1NA released their fourth album, ‘Viimeinen Atlantis’, which yet again entered the Finnish charts at number 1, and won the band additional Emma Awards for The Metal Album of the Year and The Band of The Year.

STAM1NA features: Antti “Hyrde” Hyyrynen – vocals and guitar, Pekka “Pexi” Olkkonen – guitar, Teppo “Kake” Velin – drums, Kai-Pekka “Kaikka” Kangasmäki – bass and Emil “Hippi” Lähteenmäki – keyboards

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