26 February, 2012

Hellsaw: Trist – new album


Out since February 24th, 2012 in Europe on Napalm Records, HELLSAW's ‘Trist’ is set for March 6th, 2012 release in the U.S. The  Austrian black metal institution have a new video out as well, produced and directed by angst-im-wald and available for viewing below. Listen and/or download the album's closing track ‘Silence’ here, courtesy Napalm Records, and buy the CD here. ‘Trist’s artwork was created by Brazilian designer Marcelo Vasco.

“HELLSAW's characteristic sound runs rampant through each of the new tracks, in which furious blast beats and infernal guitar riffs are crowned by frontman Aries' unmistakable and charismatic vocals lines. The songwriting unites the musicians' maturity with an unrestrained passion for black metal, thus creating an authentic atmosphere seldom experienced within the genre. From its very inception it was obvious that HELLSAW was never going to be one of the run-of-the-mill bands that abound on the black metal scene.  The use of instantly recognizable melodies coupled with a respect and understanding of what it really takes to make a good black metal band, sets HELLSAW ahead of the pack,” [offers the press release]

Vocalist Aries and drummer Svart formed HELLSAW in 2002 in the Austrian region of Styria. With Aries on vocals, bass and guitar, the duo's first recording, which drew inspiration from the black metal bands of the early '90's, came in form of 2003's demo ‘Sins Of Might’, followed by their debut full-length, 2005's ‘Spiritual Twilight’, issued on German label Black Attakk:

Awakening Orgy – courtesy of HELLSAW

  Might and Hate – courtesy of HELLSAW

With their debut out in the open, HELLSAW felt the need to expand their horizons; extensive European tour ensued, appearances at festivals followed, and the band joined INQUISITION on their “Flesh For Satan Tour” in 2007. Somewhere along the road HELLSAW's second album was written, recorded and released.  ‘Phantasm’ was issued on Folter Records in 2007:

Silent Landscape – courtesy of HELLSAW

The Inner Revenge of Nature – courtesy of HELLSAW

In Memory – courtesy of HELLSAW

After European tour with SHINING and SKITLIV, guitarists Malthus and Isiul and bassist Desderoth were added to the lineup on a permanent basis. Securing a deal with Napalm Records, HELLSAW began to work on their third full-length (under the supervision of DARK FORTRESS' V Santura); ‘Cold’ was released in 2009:

A Suicide Journey – courtesy of HELLSAW

Cold Aeon – courtesy of HELLSAW

Ache – courtesy of HELLSAW

HELLSAW features: Aries – vocals, Isiul – guitar, Malthus – guitars, Desderoth – bass and Neuroticon – drums


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