14 February, 2012

Unearth: Watch It Burn – new video


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Metalcore enthusiasts  rejoice: UNEARTH have unveiled new video for ‘Burn’, the track from their July 2011 release ‘Darkness In The Light’. Exclusively premiered on Metal Injection, this “dark and disturbing video to match the equally bleak lyrics of the song” was directed by Scott Hansen. The 11-tracks appearing on ‘Darkness In The Light’ were recorded at Zing Studios in Westfield, Massachusetts with producer Adam Dutkiewicz and mixed at Audiohammer Studios in Sanford, Florida, by Mark Lewis. Sitting in on drums during the recording was Justin Foley (KILLSWITCH ENGAGE and BLOOD HAS BEEN SHED). The album which peaked at position number 72 on Billboard 200 and at number 45 on Canadian Album Chart can be bought here (Metal Blade).

“ ‘Darkness In The Light’ is a maelstrom of melodic riffs, screamy shouts and enough noodling to keep “Guitar Hero” nerds happy. But it’s not chasing maidens and slaying dragons; UNEARTH have enough of the '90s straight-edge hardcore scene still left in their blood to give the lyrics an impassioned warrior cry against corrupt politics and wavering faith. See the words to opener ‘Watch It Burn’, which also features an honest-to-goodness open-E-chord breakdown. In 2011! Best of all, they don’t overdo their mighty breakdowns, which bogged down previous albums,” [reads Alternative Press' review – click here for the rest]

Formed in 1998 in Massachusetts, UNEARTH released their first EP, ‘Above The Fall Of Man’, through Endless Fight Records in 1999, and signed to Eulogy Recordings for the release of two albums, 2001's ‘The Stings Of Conscience’ (“The result brings about the most blissfully indulgent, entrancing, and overall greatest hardcore release ever,” wrote Jason Hundey, AllMusic) and 2002's ‘Endless’, described by Eduardo Rivadavia, AllMusic as “a pretty flawless release, and a fitting farewell to the first phase of UNEARTH's career”. And Metal Blade Records took notice: “If UNEARTH wanted to cover a classic Dean Martin hit, the logical choice would be 1960's ‘Ain't That A Kick In The Head’ - not because ‘The Oncoming Storm’ sounds anything at all like the late Rat Pack crooner, but because UNEARTH does, in fact, feel like a kick in the head. Mercy is not a high priority on this 2004 release, which demonstrates just how nasty, punishing, and downright vicious the metalcore style can be,” observed Alex Henderson (AllMusic). UNEARTH's Metal Blade debut, 2004's ‘The Oncoming Storm’ went on to sell in excess of 160,000 copies in the U.S. alone:

UNEARTH: The Great Dividers – courtesy of Metal Blade Records

The group's commercial breakthrough, Terry Date-produced ‘III: In The Eyes Of Fire’, entered the American albums chart Billboard 200 at number 35. Released in 2006, the album had sold in excess of 105,000 copies in the U.S. to date:

UNEARTH: Giles – courtesy of Metal Blade Records

UNEARTH returned to producer Adam Dutkiewicz for the third time with their fourth album, ‘The March’. Released in 2008, the album debuted at number 45 on the Billboard Top 200, with first week sales of just under 11,000 copies.

“… and the results are as hard-hitting and gloriously metallic as ever before. And as evidenced by tracks such as ‘Grave Of Opportunity’, UNEARTH have pretty much perfected their hardcore-meets-IRON MAIDEN style/approach by this point. ‘The March’ proves that all the early accolades were well worth it: UNEARTH have grown into one of metal's leading outfits,” [commented Greg Prato, AllMusic – more here]:

UNEARTH: My Will Be Done – courtesy of Metal Blade Records

UNEARTH features: Trevor Phipps – vocals, Ken Susi – guitars, Buz McGrath – guitars, John Maggard – bass and Nick Pierce drums


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