03 February, 2012

Darkest Era: An Ancient Fire Burns – new video



Ireland's DARKEST ERA have released new video for ‘An Ancient Fire Burns’, the song from their debut album ‘The Last Caress Of Light’, out since February 2011 on Metal Blade Records. The video which “features a grim story with a surprise ending and is as melancholy and emotional as the band's music” was directed by Kieran Majury with Fastville Productions. The album which “stands out from all else as a record of intense emotional power and honesty; holding the listener within a dark heavy metal storm and not letting go until the last chords have rung out” was recorded at Foel Studios in Wales with producer Chris Fielding. Download the song ‘The Morrigan’ free of charge here (Metal Blade) and buy their stuff here.

“[Guitarist Ade Mulgrew commented on the video]: ‘An Ancient Fire Burns’ is a song about primal instincts and desire; and in this video we used a narrative that we really hope will grip people. It’s an old school buried-alive-in-coffin concept that compliments the themes in the song. We also shot the band's performance by torchlight in a 1000 year old monastery, once plundered by Vikings. It was a great setting and really adds to the atmosphere in the video.”

DARKEST ERA used to be known as “Nemesis” in 2005 when the band was formed. According to the legend, they wrote their first song, ‘Battle Of Cul Dreimne’ at their first practice; the song happened to had an unintentional Celtic leaning which was to pervade the band's writing from then on. Their self-titled demo, ‘Nemesis’, was released in 2006. The following year the band changed their name to DARKEST ERA, as doom, black, and pagan metal influences gradually crept their way into the band's music. In late 2008, DARKEST ERA released a 4-song debut EP ‘The Journey Through Damnation’ through German label Eyes Like Snow. In 2010, the band self-released a digipack entitled ‘The Oaks Sessions’ and  signed a worldwide deal with Metal Blade Records

DARKEST ERA features: Krum – vocals, Ade Mulgrew – guitar, Sarah Wieghell – guitar, David Lindsay – bass and Lisa Howe – drums

DARKEST ERA: The Morrigan – courtesy of Metal Blade Records


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