08 February, 2012

Full Album Stream: Chimp Spanner: All Roads Lead Here – new EP


Already out in Europe, UK and Australia (February 6th, 2012) and just about to be released in North America (February 14th, 2012) on Basick Records, ‘All Roads Lead Here’, progressive metal multi-instrumentalists' Paul Antonio Ortiz (also known as CHIMP SPANNER) new EP features six new tracks you can enjoy here (Basick Records) and via player available below. In addition to the CD and digital formats, a strictly limited edition clear transparent vinyl version is available, with the exclusive extension of the ‘Supereroremix’ EP (fan-made remixes of tracks from ‘At The Dreams Edge’). Buy CHIMP SPANNER's new creation here (Basick Records):

“ ‘All Roads Lead Here’ features six new tracks, which in true CHIMP style, range from the luscious and beautiful to the twisted and sinister, with the stunning three-part centrepiece ‘Mӧbius’ showing off his immense talent for gripping arrangements. And as expected, the EP flows like a groove driven atmospheric sci-fi soundtrack,” [adds the press release]:


CHIMP SPANNER: All Roads Lead Here


Originally a solo recording project created by multi-instrumentalist Paul Ortiz in Essex, UK, CHIMP SPANNER independently released his debut album, ‘Imeprium Vortago’, in 2005, followed by, again, self-financed and produced ‘At The Dream's Edge’ in 2009, which was reissued in 2010 on Basick Records. In 2010, the project also took to the stage, appearing alongside the likes of TESSERACT, TEXTURES and MNEMIC.

CHIMP SPANNER features: Paul Ortiz on everything! / Live lineup: Paul Ortiz – guitar, Jim Hughes – guitar, Adam Swan – bass and Boris Le Gal - drums

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