07 June, 2013

Full Album Stream: Behexen: Rituale Satanum – reissue


After delivering a powerful exercise in orthodox black metal in 2012 with ‘Nightside Emanations’, BEHEXEN's debut album ‘Rituale Satanum’ is out now, restored and replenished, in Europe, June 7th, 2013. The “quintessential explosion of unadulterated blasphemy”, a true necessity in any self-respecting black metal disciple's library will be released through Debemur Morti Productions in North America on June 25th, 2013. The new ‘Rituale Satanum’ comes reinforced with enhanced artwork based on the original cover, created by Babalon Graphics' Helgorth. Legitimately acquire ‘Rituale Satanum’ here (Debemur Morti store), here (Season Of Mist e-shop), via iTunes and, in due time, here (BandCamp):

Black metal emissaries, BEHEXEN, first encountered the Evil One in 1994, somewhere between Hämeenlinna and Tampere, Finland. The brute awarded Torog with song, Horns with rhyme and Reaper with a violin. The un/happy procession of three soon became procession of two, spewing demos (‘Reality Is In Evil...’, ‘Eternal Realm’ and ‘Blessed Be The Darkness’) along the way. With Reaper gone playing his violin elsewhere, guitarist Gargantum and bassist Lunatic pledged to perform live rituals. This malefic conglomerate, in a pact with Sinister Figure, birthed ‘Rituale Satanum’ in 2000. During the years the congregation spent waiting for the affiliation with Sinister Figure to expire, BEHEXEN had become richer for second guitarist Veilroth with whom they recorded their second communion ‘By The Blessing Of Satan’, set free through environment friendly  Woodcut Records, followed by ‘My Soul For His Glory’ in 2008 (Hammer Of Hate). Inking the heinous deal in blood, Debemur Morti Productions and the band first reissued BEHEXEN and HORNA split:
[Debemur Morti had a field day in September 2012:] “Ushering the dawn of a new age of darkness, BEHEXEN stirs from its solitary slumber with ‘Nightside Emanations’, invoking chaos, heralding the decay of the (self)righteous, celebrating the ominous, all-consuming onset of Death - embracing that eternal, perpetual, unflinching reality that awaits us all. These ten new incantations to the ancient ones are imbued with an organic, evil sound; blessed/cursed/inspired by forces from the nether realm. The serpent of black fire is summoned to set the world aflame, mankind and his impetitude razed and cleansed by the unforgiving tendrils of serpentine flame. A ritual reawakening, a call to demons, ‘Nightside Emanations’ traverses abyssic dungeons, diffusing irresistible energies from the temple of silent curses. As all around you crumbles to dust, bow beneath the black star of Lucifer. Acknowledge the horned master in all his forms; recognize and revere his many faces:”
BEHEXEN features: Hoath Torog – vocals, Horns – drumms, ShatrauG – guitar, Wraath – guitar and Sargofagian – bass (live)

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