03 July, 2012

Full Album Stream: Chrome Waves: Chrome Waves – new album


CVLT Nation is streaming CHROME WAVES' debut self-titled EP in its moving entirety right here, therefore go and listen and then buy the CD here (Insound), and dress yourselves accordingly here (CHROME WAVES webstore). ‘Chrome Waves’, the recording, is out now, July 3rd, 2012 on Gravedancer Records, the new label formed by ex-Century Media's Josh Eldridge, and just happens to be the labels first release (Gravedancer Records is distributed worldwide by EMI Music). The band, made up of some of America's most respected extreme metal musicians, have self-produced the album in their hometown of Chicago.

CHROME WAVES is made up of NACHTMYSTIUM and WOLVHAMMER's Jeff Wilson on guitar, THE ATLAS MOTH, TWILIGHT's Stavros Giannopoulos on vocals, and THE GATES OF SLUMBER, APOSTOLE OF SOLITUDE's Bob Fouts on drums and bass:

“The strength of the group's self-titled debut though, lies in how organically and dynamically it handles that crossover [metal/shoegaze crossover]; unlike the blackened blur of DEAFHEAVEN, CHROME WAVES lets its tsunami-like riffs and majestically despondent songs actually breathe (or hyperventilate, as the case may be),” [applauded A.V. Club]

“ ‘Chrome Waves’ is one of the most impressive EP efforts of 2012 so far. At its core, CHROME WAVES are black metal, that’s not up for debate, but the sheer melody and almost post rock arrangements has given the band a whole new depth,” [added theirs folks at CVLT Nation]

So, what’s left is to enjoy four out of six tunes that make up ‘Chrome Waves’ right here on Noise & Stuff, courtesy the band:

Height Of The Rifles – courtesy of CHROME WAVES official

Light Behind a Shadow – courtesy of CHROME WAVES official

That Cursed Armored Train – courtesy of CHROME WAVES official

Blackbird – courtesy of CHROME WAVES official

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