17 December, 2012

Full Album Stream: Dragged Into Sunlight: Widowmaker – new album


DRAGGED INTO SUNLIGHT's  critically acclaimed new album, the three-track, 40-minutes long ‘Widowmaker’, will be available everywhere and in every format by tomorrow, December 18th, 2012, courtesy Prosthetic Records. Listen to the entire album described as “a crushing musical experience easily among the year's best extreme-metal records” by Revolver Magazine, named the “Album of the Month” by Terrorizer, and MSN Entertainment's “Album of the Week” here (BandCamp) or below. ‘Widowmaker’, its art created by Norwegian artist Sindre Foss, can be bought from Prosthetic Records here, or digitally through Amazon MP3 or iTunes.

“[Offered the press release:] The members of DRAGGED INTO SUNLIGHT - whose identities remain hidden by masks, and who perform live with their backs to audiences in near total darkness - have claimed that the concept behind ‘Widowmaker’ is “everything heavier and everything louder than everything else”, and that the album will “leave the listener thinking whether jumping out of a 4th floor window might actually be the best idea they’ve ever had.”
“Like bank robbers on a job or mercenaries on a mission, the British quartet appears uniformly in balaclavas; the holes in the fabric are invitations of intrigue about the minds, lives and pasts of the four anonymous members. And when they play live, the musicians turn their backs on the audience, closing themselves to the house to again invoke wonder about just what they’re doing,” [added Grayson Currin, Pitchfork - more here]
“DRAGGED INTO SUNLIGHT's second album ‘Widowmaker’ is arguably the grimiest 40 minutes recorded this year, and that’s just the starting point in the compliments department. A singular tune split into three distinct, lengthy parts, ‘Widowmaker’ is the answer to the band's solid first effort [2010's] ‘Hatred For Mankind’. Few could have looked at that album and theorized the windfall of emotions that DRAGGED INTO SUNLIGHT goes through on ‘Widowmaker’. The band takes a risk, and in turn, elevates themselves to contenders for album of the year,” [judged Dan Marsciano, About.com – more here:]

Emerging out of Liverpool, England in 2006 and containing extreme metal veterans who conceal their identities (T on vocals, A on guitar, C on bass, and J on drums), DRAGGED INTO SUNLIGHT cite no specific influence other than “depression, isolation, abuse and calculated violence abundant in contemporary society”. In 2008, the band released a “19-minute holocaust masquerading as ‘Terminal Aggressor’ EP” (courtesy Eduardo Rivadavia, AllMusic) which, eventually sold out, “was never re-pressed”. Following, DRAGGED INTO SUNLIGHT had signed with Prosthetic Records for a worldwide recording contract. The band's first proper album, ‘Hatred For Mankind’, was originally released in 2009 by Mordgrimm Records and re-issued by Prosthetic in 2010. The record, mastered by Billy Anderson and produced by Tom Dring, apparently “summoned an immediate cult following setting the benchmark for what is an ultimately unique and extreme sound”. Even Eduardo Rivadavia, AllMusic got excited:
“THE BEATLES once proclaimed that “all you need is love” but ask Liverpool, England's DRAGGED INTO SUNLIGHT for their view of the world, and they’d surely assert the exact opposite: that all you need is HATE. After all, misanthropy of the highest order is very much the driving force behind the group's 2011 debut album, ‘Hatred For Mankind’ (see, it says so right there!), which is also presented with an album cover so gratuitously gruesome, one can’t help but wonder if the band is just having a laugh,” [read the rest here:]

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