04 December, 2012

God Seed: Alt Liv – new video

Even pacts made with devil himself get sometimes settled in court; ‘Alt Liv’ comes off such outcome - GOD SEED's debut LP ‘I Begin’. The video released in promotion of former GORGOROTH vocalist Gaahl and bassist King (ov Hell) old/new project was produced by Mats Willassen. ‘I Begin’, the first studio recording issued by the oftentimes controversial pair since GORGOROTH's ‘Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam’ in 2006, was released through Indie Recordings in October 2012. Shop for GOD SEED here (Indie Recordings Europe) and here (Indie Recordings North America).

“GOD SEED represents a more spiritual side to us. GOD SEED represents the will to grow; the will to be the super man, so to speak. I think it’s a suitable name for what we will represent in the future. It will challenge the weak minded, but it’s all about the same themes we are known from in the past. The god within man, and the god within nature,” [Gaahl has spoken]
GOD SEED's willingness to grow can be witnessed through ‘Live At Wacken’ DVD and CD which was released via the aforementioned label in January 2012. The recording documents GOD SEED's Wacken 2008 performance in front of 75,000 (“screaming”) fans. Their concert featured educational accessories such as sheep heads on stakes, “crucified” nude models, satanic symbols, and eighty gallons of sheep blood. 

GOD SEED features: Gaahl  (Kristian Eivind Espedal) – vocals, King (Tom Cato Visnes) – bass, Sir (Stian Kårstad, also of DJERV fame) – guitar, Kenneth Kapstad – drums, Geir Bratland – keyboard & noise and Lust Kilman – guitar


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