16 December, 2012

Fallstaf: Miller's Crossing – new video & Bastard Sons Of A Pure Breed – full album stream

Montreal, Canada-based brass metallers FALLSTAF have just unleashed a new single, suggestively titled ‘Miller's Crossing’, which they recorded with their new bassist Goyy who replaced Benn; him apparently deciding “to take another road”. The world's probably first brass metallers are currently hard at work on a new 4-song EP they plan to issue in early 2013.

FALLSTAF, an angry brother of former music collective NORTH EAST BISTRO, was formed in order to express the louder and more theatrical sides of NEB bandmembers' personalities. Together with the hitman they’ve hired (who happens to play a trombone and is called “The Hitman”), they have invented a brand new metal genre referred to as brass metal. Blending aggressive trombone with heavy rock, thrash and hardcore influences, FALLSTAF debut recording was their appropriately titled EP ‘The Hitman Plays Trombone’, issued in 2009. In 2011, FALSTAFF self-released their debut album ‘Bastard Sons Of A Pure Breed’. The 11 furious tracks were produced by FALLSTAF and mixed and mastered by Kevin Jardine of Uplift Studios. The album can be enjoyed in its entirety here (BandCamp) – where you are advised to spend your Canadian dollar as well – or below:


FALLSTAF features: Iann - vocals, Goyy - bass, Matt - drums, Simm - guitar and The Hitman – trombone/horns


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