21 December, 2012

Savage Messiah: All Seeing I – new video & Plague Of Conscience – free album



SAVAGE MESSIAH's new video, ‘All Seeing I’, was directed by Phil Berridge:

“[Shared SAVAGE MESSIAH's frontman Dave Silver:] Sharing this [video] with our fans is a perfect ending to a great year, which of course started with the release of the ‘Plague Of Conscience’ album, and is ending with us making some cool plans for 2013.  We’re currently working on our next record, so stay tuned for more news on that soon.  Thanks for all the support we’ve had this year - have a very metal Christmas and a drunken and debauched New Year!”

‘All Seeing I’ comes off the new millennium melodic thrashers' third LP ‘Plague Of Conscience’, given away for free by the band and their label, Earache Records, here (Earache Records' site), and sold here (Earache Europe) and here (Earache U.S.) and on iTunes (with bonus track). ‘Plague Of Conscience’ is also available for your listening pleasure in full below, courtesy of conscientious yours truly. The album was recorded at Grindstone Studios in Suffolk, UK with producer Scott Atkins.

“Turns out added pressure was exactly what the members of SAVAGE MESSIAH required to clean up their act, and replace patchy songwriting and inconsistent execution with a finely honed set of melodic modern thrash songs balanced on the knife's edge between aggression and finesse. Yes, eyebrows may rise heavenward every time singer/guitarist Dave Silver unsuccessfully attempts to scale the piercing pitch-heights of Ripper Owens, but his seemingly endless arsenal of blistering leads and sinuous harmonies (played in tandem with second guitarist Tom Draper) salvage many a tune and silence all complaints on particularly strong efforts like the title track, ‘Carnival Of Souls’, and ‘Architects Of Fear’,” [was stern and supportive Eduardo Rivadavia, AllMusic – more here]


Formed in London, England in 2007 by guitarist and lead vocalist Dave Silver, SAVAGE MESSIAH released their debut album, ‘Spitting Venom’, through SMR Productions within a few months of their inception:

“SAVAGE MASSIAH's 2007 debut release is as indie as indie gets; yet, ironically, their intensely melodic brand of thrash is arguably more imaginative and dynamically versatile than that of many, more experienced, and better funded thrashing contemporaries. More original, too (if such a term can be used in reference to such a retro-inspired style), since there are more than enough SLAYER and EXODUS disciples doing the rounds, but not nearly enough new acts basing their style on TESTAMENT, MEGADETH and, heck, why not say it, METALLICA,” [observed Eduardo Rivadavia, AllMusic – more here]

The band than signed with Candlelight Records in 2009 and recorded their second full-length, 2009's ‘Insurrection Rising’, with Grammy-nominated producer Chris Tsangarides:

“In the metal world of the 2000s, that '80s nostalgia took the form of countless power metal revival bands, as well as many retro-thrash combos. SAVAGE MESSIAH (formerly “Headless Cross”) emerged in the late 2000s and obviously fall into the retro-thrash category, but as their second full-length album, ‘Insurrection Rising’, demonstrates, they are better at it than much of the competition. One of the things that makes this 2009 release a winner is the fact that these Brits have such a strong sense of melody; for all their high-speed aggression, SAVAGE MESSIAH don’t govern by brute force alone. … No one can accuse lead singer Dave Silver and his colleagues of trying to use volume and heaviness to camouflage a lack of substantial songwriting; if SAVAGE MESSIAH had to unplug and perform this material in an acoustic environment, it would still hold up,” [reviewed the album AllMusic's Alex Henderson – more here:]

SAVAGE MESSIAH: Insurrection Rising – courtesy of Savage Messiah

SAVAGE MESSIAH features: Dave Silver - lead vocals and guitar, Joff Bailey – guitar and backing vocals, Andrea Gorio – drums and Stefano Selvatico – bass












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