22 December, 2012

Full Album Stream: Desolate Shrine: The Sanctum Of Human Darkness – new album


“… This is everything that I’d expect from the sights and sounds of hell itself, and would fit perfectly well as soundtrack for the suffering damned in the funereal abyss. Uncomfortable acoustics are played on this record, along with melodies that sound like anything other than beautiful. This is the album that one would expect to be listening to in their headphones if the Maya were indeed right and lakes of fire poured forth from the sun, purging all life from this planet. It’s the very soundtrack to our demise and truly belts forth from every orifice, nothing less than a sense of chilling and forlorn evil,” [thusly Tony Shrum, Hails and Horns, described DESOLATE SHRINE's second album ‘The Sanctum Of Human Darkness’ – read the rest here]
‘The Sanctum Of Human Darkness’ is out now, (since December 15th, 2012) on Dark Descent Records and it awaits you here (Dark Descent store) if interested in finishing this year off with nearly 55 minutes of dark, misanthropic death metal. Listen to the full album here (Bandcamp) or below and check out the 8-minute preview of the album, featuring the artwork by DESOLATE SHIRNE's own L.L., below the written word:

Preferring to speak through their music, DESOLATE SHRINE formed in 2010 in Helsinki, Finland. It contains multi-instrumentalist and artist L.L. and two vocalists known only as M.L. and R.S. Their debut album of possessed, blackened death metal, ‘Tenebrous Towers’, was released in 2011 through Hammer Of Hate Records:

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