05 December, 2012

Nidingr: Greatest Of Deceivers – new album


Yup, an additional oversight on my part; it turns out Norway's NIDINGR have a new album out since November 20th, 2012 on Indie Recordings. Imaginatively called ‘Greatest Of Deceivers’ (or ‘G.O.D.’ for short), the album was recorded at Crystal Canyon Studios in Oslo, Norway, produced by the band's founder guitarist and bassist Teloch, mixed by Anders Møller and mastered by Jaime Gomez Arellano at Orgone Studios. Visit Decibel here and listen to the album's title-track (“ ‘Greatest Of Deceivers’ is black metal from another angle; you won’t find grand symphonies about dark castles in deep forests - nope, this is raw, urbanly dissonant black”) and scroll down for the second single, ‘Vim Patior’ (“‘Vim Patior’ contains all the elements you all love about NIDINGR: blastbeats, shredding guitars, sweet ass bass lines, guttural vocals, catchy riffing without turning your ears to cheese, but at the same time some of the new elements: riffs that will make you puke blood and cry”). ‘G.O.D.’, its art perfectly created by Metastazis, awaits you here (Indie Recordings Europe) and here (Indie Recordings USA):
“ ‘Greatest Of Deceivers’ is a dense and complex mass made up of songs that themselves generally have more discrete movements than you can count on one hand. Some of them offer blackened takes on full-throttle death metal and crust punk. Others offer complicated leads and tricky time signatures that hint at mathcore and sometimes even at a particularly gnarly interpretation of jazz. Occasionally the group cuts back the aggression sharply and coasts into near-ambiance. In terms of compositional ambition the songs are closer to the labyrinthine post-rock and post-hardcore bands of the mid to late 90s than the savagely straightforward black metal outfits that were operating around the same time. … It feels wrong to fault a bunch of musicians for being ambitious and wanting to challenge themselves and their audience, but when a band is so good at playing it straight and simple it’s hard to argue that they even need to,” [commented Miles Raymer, Pitchfork – read more here]

These days starring past and present members of bands such as MAYHEM, GORGOROTH, DHG, 1349 and GOD SEED, NIDINGR started out in 1992 in Borre, Norway as solo project for Teloch (also known as  Morten Iversen). After Blargh (Stian Damien Hammeren) joined in in 1995, NIDINGR recorded quite a number of demos before enlisting singer El.Cpt.Estrella Grasa to their ranks. The band released their first proper full-length, ‘Sorrow Infinite And Darkness’, in 2005 through Karisma Records. NIDINGR's second LP 2010's ‘Wolf-Father’, featuring MAYHEM's Hellhammer on drums, was preceded by enterprisingly titled compilation album, ‘Sodomize The Priest’, in 2006.

NIDINGR features: Teloch – guitar and bass, Blargh – guitar and bass, El.Cpt.Estrella Grasa – vocals and Øyvind Myrvoll – drums

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