05 February, 2013

Full Album Stream: Helen Money: Arriving Angels – new album


That fine, imaginitve Canadian label, Profound Lore Records, has just issued the third full-length album from prolific avant-classical cellist HELEN MONEY also known as Alison Chelsey, ‘Arriving Angels’. Recorded, engineered, and mixed by the iconic Steve Albini in Electrical Audio in Chicago, Illinois and featuring NEUROSIS/SLEEP drummer Jason Roeder on four tracks as well as artwork by Steve Byram, ‘Arriving Angels’ is “unique opus which comprises an intriguing mix of classical composition, experimental music, and progressive dirge-like metal, all displayed through the sole vessel of the cello”. Immerse yourselves into her music, and then shop for ‘Arriving Angels’ here (Profound Lore store):
“ ‘Arriving Angels’ means a lot to me for so many reasons.  It’s a culmination of two years of continuing to explore ideas with my instrument and effects – expressing a lot of changes in my life. Being able to work with Steve, someone I’ve toured with repeatedly over the past few years, and who was able to help me fully realize what I wanted to achieve with my music on this record, was very gratifying,” [commented Alison Chelsey]
‘Arriving Angels’ is a curious record and houses some truly dissonant moments within the occasional melodies that can be found. It’s quite a minimal album at times and sounds and echoes filter through passages of extreme quiet or intense loudness with nary a warning as to what may, or may not happen next. ‘Arriving Angels’ is fairly unpredictable in it’s execution – one second there’s droning white noise, the next there’s stately drum beats wrought from the hands of NEUROSIS drummer Jason Roeder, the next there’s huge walls of symphony surrounding your soul – HELEN MONEY takes on a multitude of metal extremities and carves her niche with flair and disturbing charm,” [added CLVT Nation – read more here:]

Alison Chesley created HELEN MONEY to showcase her compositions and her very uncommon approach on the cello. Born in Los Angeles, she latter moved to Chicago where she received a Master's degree in Cello Performance from Northwestern University. Since then, Chesley has played on over 100 albums with such artists as Bob Mould, DISTURBED, ANTHRAX, YAKUZA, BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE, RUSSIAN CIRCLES and many others.  Chesley has also composed music for film and dance, including the soundtrack to the award-winning 2007 documentary “Indestructible”.  Chesley was also part of the acoustic rock duo VERBOW, releasing two albums on Epic Records in the nineties. As HELEN MONEY, Chesley has opened for bands as diverse as MONO, EARTH and THE BAD PLUS, and has toured the U.S. and Europe extensively with Steve Albini's band SHELLAC.

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