26 February, 2013

Mysticum: In The Streams Of Inferno – reissue


Continuing in the oftentimes murky waters of Norwegian black metal, Peaceville Records has just reissued MYSTICUM's debut album ‘In The Streams Of Inferno’, February 25th, 2013. Originally released in 1996 through Full Moon Productions, the recording was remastered by Tom Kvålsvoll at Strype Studios in Oslo, Norway and includes two bonus tracks. The package comes with new artwork (“made in close association with the band to fully reflect their intended vision”), with liner notes and additional lyrics, and a bonus DVD containing two live shows from 1996. Shop for ‘In The Streams Of Inferno’ here (Peaceville store). MYSTICUM, in association with Peaceville Records, plan to release a new album titled ‘Planet Satan’ later on this year:
“One of the pioneering industrial black metal forces to emerge in the early 90's, MYSTICUM brought to the world a completely unique brand of extreme and psychedelic discordant black metal with insane drum machine patterns and synths. They were originally signed to Euronymous' [Øystein Aarseth, co-founder of MAYHEM, murdered by Varg Vikernes in 1993] Deathlike Silence Productions label, such was his belief in the band (MYSTICUM even featured Hellhammer from MAYHEM in their lineup for a brief period). However, this venture proved to be cut short following his death, forcing MYSTICUM to look elsewhere for the release of their eventual debut album, ‘In The Streams Of Inferno’, finally surfacing in 1996. A perfect concoction of cold, primitive black metal and forward-thinking ideas from an act unafraid to push boundaries, the hell of ‘In The Streams Of Inferno’ has had a lasting and profound impact on many since 1996,” [explains the label]

Founded in 1991 and known as “Sabazios” for a while, the industrial black metal pioneers, MYSTICUM, in 1992 featured six-stringers Cerastes and Ravn and him, responsible for four-strings, synthesizer and computer programming, Mean Malmberg. In between recording and releasing eyebrow-raising demos, ‘Wintermass’ and ‘Medusa's Tears’, the band officially became MYSTICUM in 1993. As planes were made to release MYSTICUM's debut album ‘Where The Raven Flies’ through MAYHEM's Euronymous Deathlike Silence Productions, due to Euronymous' tragic death, the album was put on hold. Following a split 7” with ULVER, a two-song contribution on ‘Nordic Metal - A Tribute To Euronymous’ compilation, and a five-track promotional tape called ‘Piss Off!!!’, MYSTICUM's debut album, ‘In The Streams Of Inferno’, was finally released in 1996, incidentally giving birth to industrial black metal. (Listen to the full original album here, MYSTICUM's YouTube channel.) Consequently, MYSTICUM embarked on European tour with MARDUK and GEHENNA. Taking their time, the band contributed a new song called ‘Eriaminell’ on ‘A Tribute to Hell - Satanic Rites’ sampler CD released by Full Moon Productions in 1997, and another song called ‘Black Magic Mushrooms’ on AUDIOPAIN 7” split EP released by Worship Him Records in 2003. In 2004, Planet Satan Revolution gathered the band's old cassette tapes and EPs and released the remastered material as ‘Lost Masters Of the Universe’ compilation (visit here (YouTube) to listen to three tracks off the recording). In 2012, MYSTICUM reunited as Herr General Cerastes, Prime and Dr. Best.

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