12 April, 2013

Warbeast: Destroy – new album & Blood Moon – new video



On a warpath through North America since April 2nd, 2013 supported by Housecore Records, we, on this side of the Atlantic, get to enjoy Texas metal alliance's, WARBEAST, second LP via Season Of Mist today, April 12th, 2013, together with WARBEAST's new video ‘Blood Moon’, directed by Mike Holderbeast and featuring the acting talents of the band's guitarist Scott Shelby. ‘Destroy’, recorded with PANTERA and DOWN frontman and Housecore Records founder the legendary Philip H. Anselmo at his studio Nodferatu's Lair, is available as a CD and as a LP here (Season Of Mist e-store) and here (Housecore Records):

“This album is simply meaner and heavier than our first [2010's ‘Krush The Enemy’]. We’ve managed to keep the variety we had, but we allowed ourselves more freedom to go beyond the traditional songwriting patterns. It’s less predictable,” [stated vocalist Bruce Corbitt. Lyric-wise:] I just wanted to write about a wide range of subjects and emotions. Topics include everything from werewolves and humans warring with aliens, to national disasters and a robotic monster called “Warbeast”. There’s also a track called ‘Egotistical Bastards’, which could be about many people I know,” [he added, apparently laughing] “I want people to feel like they’ve been hit with a sledgehammer ten times in a row when they hear this. As long as they feel strongly about, we’ve accomplished our mission.”

In related news, Season Of Mist unleashed Philip H. Anselmo (backed by an instrumental threesome dubbed THE ILLEGALS) and WARBEAST split MCD (also available as 10” LP) titled ‘War Of The Gargantuas’ on the European market back in March 2013. Described as “a bite-sized glimpse into American heartland metal at its most extreme” as well as “a timely holiday stocking stuffer for the aging mosh pit veteran in your family, but not exactly mandatory listening for everyday metal heads” by Eduardo Rivadavia, AllMusic (more here), get your own copy of this rarity here (Season Of Mist).


Formed in 2006 in Arlington, Texas by vocalist Bruce Corbitt, who used to be the voice of thrash titans RIGOR MORTIS, guitarist Scott Shelby, who was part of the riff machine behind GAMMACIDE, and drummer Joey Gonzalez formerly of DEMONSEED, WARBEAST recorded their debut full-length with bassist Alan Bovee and guitarist Rick Perry. ‘Krush The Enemy’, released in 2010 on Housecore Records, was described as “a fierce metal record” and prescribed to fans of “second- or third-tier, regionally successful old-school thrash acts like DEFIANCE, HALLOWS EVE and RIGOR MORTIS” by Phill Freeman, AllMusic (read more here).

WARBEAST features: Bruce Corbitt – vocals, Scott Shelby - guitar, Joey Gonzalez – drums, Bobby Tillotson – guitar and Casey Orr – bass


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