09 April, 2013

Koldbrann: Drammen – new video & Vertigo – full album stream

Let us all celebrate “the foul old town that conceived KOLDBRANN” by watching their new video ‘Drammen’ directed by Effektor, as was the band's first video released in promotion of their January 2013 release ‘Verigo’. ‘Totalt Sjelelig Bankerott’, available for your viewing pleasure below, features guest vocals by KVELERTAK's Erlend Hjelvik. As mentioned, ‘Vertigo’, received warmly by the metal press and entering the band's home country official album chart at position number 20, was issued in January 2013 on Season Of Mist. With due caution (“Beware! This ‘Vertigo’ will leave your head spinning!”) get your own copy of the album here (Season Of Mist e-shop), here (KOLDBRANN store) or via iTunes or BandCamp here, where you can listen to the album in its threatening black metal entirety as well.
“[Stated KOLDBRANN:] While KOLDBRANN has always paid tribute to the early pioneers of Nordic black metal, the band has, throughout its existence, strived to retain a distinct identity. Spending our formative years in relative isolation in Drammen, away from the interference of any metal scene, we learnt to do things our own way from the get-go. In that respect, our third album, ‘Vertigo’, represents a brand new chapter in the band's history. While retaining a substantial share of uncanny groove, the album also explores more doom-ridden, and progressive soundscapes than on our earlier works. It still sounds very much like KOLDBRANN, but with a fuller, more complete flavour. Rest assured: never have we put so much work and personal investments into an album. Never have we gone to greater lengths to chisel out each composition to suit our aural visions. It has been a long and winding road, and countless hours of tribulation. But that is now of the past. ‘Vertigo’ is here!”

So, out of Drammen, “a shunned old industrial town, situated along the dirty riverbanks of Drammenselva [upon which] most Norwegians look at as a grey and foul road junction on the way to Oslo”, come KOLDBRANN. Formed by vocalist Mannevond, they “fight to keep the flame of old school black metal (in light of GORGOROTH, MAYHEM and DARKTHRONE) burning” since 2001. KOLDBRANN, counting Mannevond, guitarist Kvass and drummer Fordervelse, recorded a demo they called ‘Pre-Prod 2002’, incorporated bass player Jonas “Raskolnikov” Christiansen (from SLAVIA) to their lineup in 2002, and, on account of a strictly limited rehearsal tape, ‘Mislyder Fra Det Nekrotiske Kammer’, which circulated the Norwegian underground at the time, got invited to appear at Legions Of The North Festival. In 2003, KOLDBRANN recorded their debut full-length ‘Nekrotisk Inkvisition’. Following, Christiansen left to focus on SLAVIA and Stian Johnskareng (known later on as S.G.J.) became the band's new bassist. In 2004, KOLDBRANN released a split 7” with LJÅ and ‘Nekrotisk Inkvisition’ saw its official launch. Emboldened by positive feedback, the band sought out  G. Antonsen as their second guitarist. Another 7”, ‘Atomvinter’, followed before KOLDBRANN unleashed their sophomore full-length, ‘Moribund’, through Twilight Vertreib in 2006. Their first European headlining tour ensued, and they rounded up the year with another split 7” with FAUSTCOVEN. Next, KOLDBRANN issued ‘Stigma: På Kant Med Livet’ EP and another 7” called ‘Russian Vodka’, before they parted ways with drummer Fordervelse and guitarist G. Antonsen, who were eventually replaced by Folkedal and Voidar respectively. As such, KOLDBRANN took their time working on their third album; in true Scandinavian black metal fashion (“to deliver quality over a speedy production”), the process which began in 2010 was brought to a successful end in 2012.
KOLDBRANN features: Kvass – guitar, Mannevond – vocals, S.G.J. – bass, Folkedal – drums and Voidar – guitar 


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