12 April, 2013

Dark Sermon: In Tongues – new album


Having nothing less than total domination on their minds as well as claiming not to care about what is marketable or what sells, their album is nevertheless out in North America through eOne and Good Fight Entertainment since late March 2013 and is now available in Europe on Nuclear Blast Records, April 12th, 2013. Combining the fist-raising melody of European death metal, the blackened underbelly of bleak blast-beating musical warfare, the churning malevolence of technical death metal and the uniquely down-to-earth flair of the NWOAHM (New Wave Of American Heavy Metal), DARK SERMON's new album is recommended to the fans of BEHEMOTH (“the suffocating stomp”), GOJIRA (“the brash experimentalism”), and JOB FOR A COWBOY and THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER (“the all-out ferocity”). Determined “to stand apart from the cookie-cutter garbage and trend-following cretins who have overcrowded the scene”, DARK SERMON naturally turned to Florida's AudioHammer Studios, home away from home to such business' greats as Jason Suecof, Mark Lewis and Eyal Levi, to record the album, and to artisan Eliran Kantor to provide the symbolization. For a better insight into DARK SERMON's debut album, check the three tracks off it, available in video/audio formats below. ‘In Tongues’ should be ordered from here (Nuclear Blast Europe), from iTunes and/or Amazon:

“DARK SERMON have made the seemingly impossible their mission: to bridge the gap between outwardly disparate subgenres of metal, to champion the cause of the downbeat and betrayed, to traverse the globe performing their compositions and to become the biggest metal band they can become through determination and effort. They want to influence the next generation of metal bands the way their favorite bands influenced them, with two powerful weapons: uniqueness and innovation. And with a debut album like this one, DARK SERMON [are] well on their way down that path,” [the press release concludes]


Formed in 2009 in Tampa, Florida, the five young men that make up DARK SERMON were reportedly destined to create heavy music together from a young age, “wearing metal T-shirts, blasting classic albums on their Walkmans on the school bus and pounding out drumbeats on their desks at school”:

“I’ve always found art, music and self-expression to be the most important aspects of human life,” [declared vocalist Johnny Crowder] We were put on this Earth to create.”

DARK SERMON features: Johnny Crowder – vocals, Austin Good – guitar, Neal Minor – guitar, Austin Chandler – bass and Bryson St. Angelo - drums





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