18 April, 2013

Full Album Stream: Beastwars: Blood Becomes Fire – new album


New Zealand finest, BEASTWARS, have just released their new and second full-length album ‘Blood Becomes Fire’, or are just about to, April 19th, 2013, depending on your own particular time-zone. ‘Blood Becomes Fire’ was co-produced by BEASTWARS and Dale Cotton, recorded and mixed by Dale Cotton, mastered by John Golden, and once again features the art of Weta Workshop's (yes, the Peter Jackson's) award-winning Nick Keller (“whose mind-melting gatefold oil paintings depict a twisted world inspired by the aural artillery within”). Listen to six reflections on mortality, death and disease off the ten tracks rich self-released record - which “serves witness to the end of days, told through the eyes of a dying traveler from another time” - here (BandCamp) or below and order ‘Blood Becomes Fire’ there as well - or here (the band's official site):
“It is a work inspired by eternal themes”, [elaborated vocalist Matt Hyde] It’s a reflection on mortality, death and disease. Sooner or later they come for all of us and we’ve all screamed to the gods for answers, not that they’ve ever come. It’s a heavy album, both sonically and lyrically, but what solidifies it are the really triumphant “fuck yeah” riffs. To us, this music is like getting psyched up to go into battle. You could be at war with someone else or yourself.”
“Pace varies more than mood on the 39-minute offering, and ‘Blood Becomes Fire’ is almost universally aggressive, but as big as they go sonically, BEASTWARS don’t give in to metallic chestbeating,” [observed The Obelisk's H.P. Taskmaster – more here] “ ‘Blood Becomes Fire’ is imaginative, dynamic, and hits like a staggering punch to the solar plexus. If BEASTWARS [don’t] find more global success with ‘Blood Becomes Fire’, it won’t be for lack of inventiveness or determination. The album's pulverizing percussiveness is built to smash borders to smithereens, and should rightly be seen as a significant release for fans of heavy music in 2013,” [added Craig Hays for Pop Matters – read more here:]

Formed in 2007 in Wellington, New Zealand, BEASTWARS' eponymous debut full-length, released in New Zealand in 2011 through independent label Destroy Records, peaked at number 15 on RIANZ (Recording Industry Association of New Zealand) and was nominated for best New Zealand rock album of 2011. ‘Beastwars’ was released internationally in 2012:
“BEASTWARS' debut perfectly manifests the darkened heart of the Antipodes,” [wrote on the occasion Craig Hayes, About.com] ‘Beastwars’ was recorded in four days, with Dale Cotton producing. It sounds all the more fervent for it, and the band ooze confidence. Much of that self-assurance comes from Matt Hyde's powerful vocals. His gravel-throated voice comes with a Tom Waits-like eccentricity and authority worthy of Lemmy. He screams, bays at the moon, and spits venom throughout. Live on stage, he is the consummate frontman, leaning over the crowd like a frenzied preacher leading his congregation, and raising his arms to call down the gods. They may hail from the South Pacific, but you can forget any balmy associations - the only southern location BEASTWARS evoke is the one located due south of heaven. Fitting then, that their debut is so hellishly good.” [Read the rest of it here:]

BEASTWARS features: Clayton Anderson – guitar, Nathan Hickey – drums, Matt Hyde – vocals and James Woods – bass

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