25 April, 2013

F.K.Ü. : 4: Rise Of The Mosh Mongers – new album & Black Hole Hell – new video



Well… Who can resist a band of brothers who call themselves F.K.Ü., apparently short for “Freddy Krueger's Underwear”. I mean these guys get you thinking – especially about Freddy's undergarments. Besides, they bring a new era – moshocalypse - and their goal is worthy: they intend to rid the world of everything but horror and metal:

“… the master pointed his four blades towards his disciples and commanded them to prepare for the journey, to dress in proper battle attire and be ready for war. They left their dwelling at dusk, well prepared for the task at hand. To walk the earth, from city to city, and gather the moshoholics horde. To crush the opposition and establish a new world order of horror and metal for all. And so it began [apparently]… the rise of the mosh mongers.”

Their label, Napalm Records, lovingly describes F.K.Ü.sound as “killer old school thrash metal with class and humor from Sweden” and promises that “even fans of other genres will [be] immediately transformed into die-hard moshoholics and will crave for more just like zombies crave for the brains of the living”. So, if you long for days when “things weren’t dead serious and you could fill celluloid with blood and guts with a big smile on your face”, ‘4: Rise Of The Mosh Mongers’ is just what the good doctor ordered. Get it here (Napalm Records store) and shop for the rest of what F.K.Ü. have to offer here (the band's official store). ‘4: Rise Of The Mosh Mongers’ in due out tomorrow, April 26th, 2013. The band's new video ‘Black Hole Hell’, available below, was animated and directed by Juppi Juppsen.


F.K.Ü, in those days die-hard S.O.D. disciples, first “raised its ugly head” back in 1987 in Uppsala, Sweden:

“After a handful of something that was supposed to be rehearsals but [bore a] resemblance to cheap beer and pizza fights, the band [went] into hiatus. It wasn’t until early 1997, when confronted with a strange guy called Larry [Lethal, vocals], that the band considered bringing the slumbering beast back to life. After the overwhelming response [to] the 20-song demo ‘Beware Of The Evil Underwear’, recorded in 1998, the guys decided to put some more effort [into it].”

In 1999, the band had spent nine whole days with engineer Daniel Bergstrand, laying down 22 tracks that would “show the world that it’s still possible to have good, friendly, violent fun and create music”. And so, F.K.Ü's debut record, their “moshing magnum opus”, ‘Metal Moshing Mad’ was released in 1999 on bassist's Pat Splat own label Head Mechanic Records. Following lots of “unforgettable club gigs” with the likes of THE HAUNTED, ENTOMBED and MESHUGGAH, “the band [had] slowed down the pace” until 2004, when “Larry, Pete, Pat and Ted realized that what the world really needed was another dose of their patented horror metal mosh”:

“Once again inspired by '80s thrash and horror movies and of course, old issues of “Metal Forces” and cheap beer, [2005's] ‘Sometimes They Come Back… To Mosh’ thrashed and slashed its way into the metal fans veins,” [admitted F.K.Ü] And once they tasted this hot dish of destruction, they ended up begging for more!”

In 2009, “due to massive demand from around the globe”, the “mighty horror metal moshing machine” recorded their third album, ‘Where Moshers Dwell’, “in the boiler room” of Ted's [full name: Dr. Ted Killer Miller, drummer] own Blueflame Productions studio. Mixed by Larry in his Great Scot! Audio studio, the record reportedly “set a new standard for horror and metal for decades to come: prime neck breaking, horror-inspired, sing-along thrash madness”.  

F.K.Ü features: Larry Lethal – vocals, Pete Stooaahl – guitar, Pat Splat – bass and Dr. Ted Killer Miller – drums



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