27 June, 2012

Municipal Waste: You’re Cut Off – new video



MUNICIPAL WASTE's second instructional video has been just released, accompanied by these fine words by the band's “very enthused” frontman Tony Foresta:

“We’ve always wanted to see an animated WASTE video and this blew away our expectations. I’m stoked that the Wizard came out of his brief retirement to make an appearance as well. I’ve watched this thing over 40 times and I still keep finding hidden gems. If you hated our band before, you are really going to hate us after you witness this beautiful piece of work.”

The video is the work of Pierre Mousquet and Jerume Cauwe of IMOV Studios and its happy tune comes off MUNICIPAL WASTE's latest album, ‘The Fatal Feast’, cannibalizing this world and beyond since April 2012. The spaceship was provided by Nuclear Blast Records, the menu was drawn by Justin Osbourn of Slasher Design, while the introductional video, available below, was directed by Jeff Speed and produced by Halo of Flies.

Founded in Richmond, Virginia in 2000, crossover thrash metal band MUNICIPAL WASTE played their first show on New Year's Eve 2001. They had toured USA and Mexico throughout 2001 and 2002, recorded an occasional demo and released a couple of splits, before settling down to record their debut full-length, ‘Waste ‘Em All’, in 2002. Released the following year, the recording brought about the listening ear of Earache Records through which they issued their next album, ‘Hazardous Mutation’, in 2005. The album which was received by mostly positive reviews and was fondly described as a “happy visit to your past” by Eduardo Rivadavia, AllMusic Guide, was succeeded by MUNICIPAL WASTE's third full-length, Chris “Zeuss” Harris-produced ‘The Art Of Partying’ in 2007. The group returned to the renowned producer for their next effort, 2009's ‘Massive Aggressive’.

MUNICIPAL WASTE features: Tony Foresta – vocals, Ryan Waste – guitar, Dave Witte – drums and Land Phil – bass



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