11 June, 2012

Xerosun: Transparent Fantasy – new video



Ireland's XEROSUN have released their third video for a tune taken from their debut album ‘Absence Of Light’; ‘Transparent Fantasy’ was directed by “awesome Emmett J. Kiernan”:

“The idea of producing this song came by way of request. ‘Transparent Fantasy’ has become more popular than ever imagined,” [explained lead guitarist Fiachra.] “People latched onto it, so we decided that would be the next video.”

‘Absence Of Light’ was released on Rising Records in December 2011 and can be purchased on-line here (XEROSUN store) in a limited edition digipak, along with the stunning artwork created by Mr. Seth Siro Anton of SEPTICFLESH fame. (Again, not implying this blog is of any importance, but if you want my attention just get Mr. Seth Siro Anton to do the artwork for your album, and I’ll be sitting here writing kind words on your behalf, heh.) Four songs from the ‘Absence Of Light’ album can be heard via player available below (three of those are being generously given away for free) where XEROSUN's videos ‘Broken’ and ‘Cut Me Down’ can be found as well.

Founded in 2003 in Dublin, Ireland, XEROSUN comprises guitarists Fiachra Kelly and Gareth Jeffs, drummer Darrin Bell and bassist and vocalist Ivan O’Sullivan. After releasing a couple of EPs and after performing live on Irish national television to an audience of 500,000 people, XEROSUN recorded their debut full-length already back in 2008. In 2010 the band supported AVENGED SEVENFOLD on the Irish leg of their world tour. XEROSUN also recorded a version of PARADISE LOST's classic ‘True Belief’ which pricked the ears of Gregor Mackintosh, who wrote to the band voicing his approval saying: “Cracking cover lads, made me feel very nostalgic.”

XEROSUN – courtesy of Xerosun




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