22 June, 2012

Full Album Stream: Blacklodge: MachinatioN – new album

Ready or not, additional evil has been set loose to ravish Europe today, June 22nd 2012, by those fiends Season Of Mist; industrial black mettalers BLACKLODGE have entered the Chamber of Control. Their new album ‘MachinatioN’ is unleashed:
“As humanity enters Kairos times, the Alchemical self of the Templar sees clearly through the shades of illusion. Prophecies and History are converging. The Ultimate Throne of SataN is rising from the NeXus and His masterplan appears clear : Humanity is under His Control,” [BLACKLODGE express their contempt]
“BLACKLODGE are entering a new dimension of mechanical insanity with their fourth album ‘MachinatioN’. The French alchemistic explorers stand at the fiery crossroads of innovative audacity in extreme music creation and rigorous research in dark psychodelic mysticism,” [spits venom the press release:]
Alas, even such nefarious records, recorded, mixed and mastered at the notorious Necromorbus Studios, have to be bought in case He is delayed: do so here (Season Of Mist e-shop) while you shiver in fear: ‘MachinatioN’ is being streamed in full here (BandCamp) and below. North American release date is set for July 17th, 2012:

Envisioned by vocalist, guitarist and programmer Saint Vincent (somewhere in France sometime around 1999); Saint Vincent recorded two demos, 1999's ‘InnerCells’ and ‘Prince Of Dark Cellars’, before he was joined by Silence and Diam's with whom he then “strengthened the identity of BLACKLODGE through substances abuses and rising totemic fascination for contemporary environment and technology”, and with whom he recorded the band's third demo as well as entered the “Chamber of Darkness area”. Out of that chamber and through Dutch label Blazing Productions came BLACKLODGE's debut album ‘Login:SataN’ in 2003. Diam's was replaced by AcidJess in the bass guitar department before the vile group entered the “Chamber of Illumination area” from which they emerged illuminated in 2006 with their second full-length ‘>SolarKult<’ (End All Life Productions):
“Their temples and idols are rusted, and new dogmas are rising. This is the prequel to the new kult,” [affirms the official bio]
Although Silence was replaced by Narcotic on guitar in 2007, it took awhile before BLACKLODGE and Austrian co-villains ABIGOR went through “alchemical transformation [which] led both bands to a deep, spiritually connected work, a split album dealing with the satanic concept of time”. Called ‘T/ME’, the album was mixed and mastered by Tore Stjerna at the Necromorbus studio and released by End All Life Productions in 2010.For further information please visit BLACKLODGE's dungeons here and inspect the “Templars” section.
BLACKLODGE features: Saint Vincent - vocals, guitar and machines, AcidJess – bass and Narcotic - guitar

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