27 June, 2012

Impending Doom: Deceiver – new video


World's foremost practitioners of brand new sub-genre (self)described as “gorship” (a combination of savage death metal, intense atmosphere and subversive melody “hatched from a formula melding the aggressive angst of SLIPKNOT, the modern metal brutality of LAMB OF GOD, the stop-start riffage of FEAR FACTORY, and the trailblazing experimentation of DEFTONES”) stand undeterred in their convictions:

“This video is a representation of the filthiness of sin that ultimately leads to hell and that it doesn’t matter if someone calls themselves a Christian with their mouth if they are not producing fruit in their lives. There are a lot of Christians out there who are fakes and will try and deceive you for power, money, or other lusts of the flesh especially in these last days. So it’s up to genuine, real, and courageous Christians to stand up and speak truth and not compromise,” [entrusted Noisecreep – where this video was first shown - IMPENDING DOOM's singer Brook Reeves]

‘Deceiver’ is taken from IMPENDING DOOM's fourth album entitled ‘Baptized In Filth’, produced by Andreas Magnusson and Machine who mixed the album as well, and which was released in March 2012 througheOne Music. ‘Baptized In Filth’ became the band's highest charting record, peaking at position number 98 on the American Billboard Top 200:

“This record is a lot darker. It’s scary and eerie sounding,” [offered vocalist and co-founding member Brook Reeves] “What we’ve wanted to capture with most of our stuff - from our sound to our appearance, artwork and stage presentation - is an overall tone [drawing from] the darker side of music. There’s some experimentation and newer elements that we’ve introduced on this album as well.” [Added bassist David Sittig:] “ ‘Baptized In Filth’ represents the mindless indulgence and self-worship in the vile world we live in. This album is meant to scare the hell out of you!” [Continued Reeves:] “To be ‘Baptized In Filth’ means to just dwell in the unhappiness of sin. Before I came to Christ that’s where I sat. I loved being a sinner. I loved doing that. I still sin, of course. I stand next to that puddle of filth, so to speak. I dip my foot in it and I’m like, “I don’t like that any more.” I was there, I don’t want to be there, but there are some people who love to dwell there.” [Hmm, hmm, hmm…]

Christian extreme metal band from Riverside, California, IMPENDING DOOM, was founded in 2005 by vocalist Brook Reeves and guitarist Manny Contreras. The band quickly self-released an EP entitled ‘The Sin And Doom Of Godless Men’, lost old and added new bandmembers and signed with Facedown Records, on which Reeves, Contreras, guitarist Greg Pewthers, bassist David Sittig and drummer Andy Hegg released IMPENDING DOOM's debut full-length, not-so-subtly tiled ‘Nailed. Dead. Risen’, in 2007. Further changes in personnel department ensued as Chad Blackwell became the group's new drummer and guitarist Cory Johnson replaced Pewthers. AS I LAY DYING's Tim Lambesis co-produced IMPENDING DOOM's second album with Daniel Castelman; 2009's ‘The Serpent Servant’ broke onto the Billboard 200 at number 144. Drummer Blackwell decided to continue his studies after the record was issued and was replaced by the band's first drummer Isaac Bueno who left just prior to the recording of their next album. The recording process, again spearheaded by producers Lambesis and Castelman, for IMPENDING DOOM's 2010 ‘There Will Be Violence’ proved too much for founding member Contreras who departed from the group during the recording of the album. ‘There Will Be Violence’ charted even higher than its predecessor, reaching position number 123 on the Billboard 200. Brandon Trahan has since filled the left vacancy behind the drum kit.




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