02 September, 2012

Exumer: Fire & Damnation – new video & full album stream



EXUMER's new video for the title-track taken from the band's April 2012 Metal Blade release is dedicated to their South American fans:

“The idea behind the clip was to showcase the band's intense relationship with our Brazilian fans in a live situation and the disparities that are still present in one of the fastest growing economies in the world. We chose the song ‘Fire & Damnation’ because its vibe is quite universal, where you don’t have look to religion or elsewhere to find damnation here on earth. Ultimately, the clip is a “thank you” to all our fans in South America and around the world as we always try to relate to them in an honest and very real way,” [elaborated vocalist Mem V. Stein]

EXUMER recorded their first new album in 25 years with renowned producer Waldemar Sorychta. Combining a punishing production with aggressive song writing as well as capturing the intensity and feel of the 1980s thrash metal, listen to the first three album tracks below (download the title-track for free here) and then visit Stereokiller here to hear the rest of the ‘Fire & Damnation’, and do not forget to buy EXUMER's comeback record here (from Metal Blade Records):

EXUMER: Fire & Damnation – courtesy of Metal Blade Records

EXUMER: Vermin Of The Sky – courtesy of Exumer

EXUMER: The Weakest Limb – courtesy of Exumer

According to the legend, vocalist and bassist Mem von Stein and guitarist Ray Mensh met at a Frankfurt SLAYER show and, inspired, went on to form EXUMER in 1985. With second guitarist Bernie and drummer Syke Bornetto, the group recorded their debut longplayer 1986's “bruising” and “an enduring underground favorite” ‘Possessed By Fire’:

EXUMER: Possessed By Fire – courtesy of Exumer

EXUMER: A Mortal In Black – courtesy of Exumer

EXUMER went on to release ‘Rising From The Sea’ in 1987 and, plagued by membership issues, disbanded in 1990. By the way, both aforementioned album reissues are now available as CD and as digital downloads via End Of The Light Records, distributed by Entertainment One Distribution in North America and OZ Productions in Mexico. Acquire them here (EXUMER official store):

EXUMER: Rising From The Sea – courtesy of Exumer

EXUMER: I Dare You – courtesy of Exumer

EXUMER can take pride in being one of the first thrash metal acts to capture then exotic markets like Poland and Brazil, where their albums were released domestically in the 1980s. With the exception of a special performance at 2001's Wacken Open Air Festival, EXUMED did not perform live until 2009. The band's founders Mem and Ray reformed EXUMER in 2008; they have since toured throughout Europe and the USA.

EXUMER features: Mem V. Stein – vocals, Ray Mensh – guitar, T. Schiavo – bass, H.K. – guitar and Matthias Kassner – drums



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