14 March, 2013

Full Album Stream: Imperium Dekadenz: Meadows Of Nostalgia – new album


“Out of the murky depths of the Black Forest rise IMPERIUM DEKADENZ. The dark chasms of these steep mountains have witnessed the rise and fall of empires in bloody battles and glorious history. Celts, Romans and Germanic tribes have lived and perished in these fog ridden, harsh and yet exquisite landscapes. The ancient past and lost peoples left lingering feelings of longing and a deep melancholy, which none have ever captured more intensively than native IMPERIUM DEKADENZ on their fourth full-length ‘Meadows Of Nostalgia’,” [tells us the press release]
So, after establishing that IMPERIUM DEKADENZ are beyond current political and religious issues and prefer to delve into human transience, ashes, dust and have a thing about resurrecting the Roman Empire, fully intent to sing angrily about loneliness, destruction and despair until that happens, and if you’ve just said to yourselves: “I wish I could witness at least one new empire of darkness rise today,” do visit IMPERIUM DEKADENZ site here (or simply make use of that handsome player available below) and listen to complete ‘Meadows Of Nostalgia’. The album - dare I use such a plebeian term?! - the anthology then is due March 15th, 2013 in Europe and March 19th, 2013 in North America on Season Of Mist. Shop for IMPERIUM DEKADENZ here (Season Of Mist e-shop):

“When winter falls upon the Black Forest, its steep peaks cover chasms and valleys with darkness and harsh frost. Even in summertime the sun does not reach every slope and it comes as no surprise that this rough and sinister environment gave birth to an equally somber sound,” [relates the band's bio]
And so, in 2004, somewhere in Schwarzwald in southwestern Germany, drummer Vespasian and singer Horaz created IMPERIUM DEKADENZ. Inspired by ancient emperors, philosophers and one famed classical poet (the name of the band was inspired by the scandalous 1979 film “Caligula”), the pair released their melancholic and dramatic debut LP, ‘…Und Die Welt Ward Kalt Und Leer’ in 2006 to much local acclaim:
“The album was recorded during the coldest and most snow plagued winter of the new millennium. Yet despite the harsh condition, this work was a dream come true for the two protagonists and the beginning of their deep and lasting friendship.”
Taking “another big step towards the dark peak with downcast darkness, destructive rage and precious melodic interludes of fragile acoustic spider webs”, IMPERIUM DEKADENZ followed up with second full-length, ‘Dämmerung Der Szenarien’, in 2007, with it ensuring their final breakthrough into the German scene. The duo reportedly painted their work as “a collection of tableaus in colours of melancholy, epic drama and dark impression”. Thus comfortable with their own sound, IMPERIUM DEKADENZ proceeded with ‘Procella Vadens’, which obviously “amazed with ingeniously constructed multi-layered hymns plunged into the pure passion of ancient wrath and mournful melancholy”. Issued through Season Of Mist in 2010, the album had led the band to major European festivals including Wacken Open Air and Summerbreeze,  as well as secured them an appearance at the Inferno Festival in Oslo, Norway, and that, my dear visitors, amounts to being knighted by the black scene (or something):

IMPERIUM DEKADENZ features: Vespasian - drums, guitar, acoustic guitar, bass and synthesizer and Horaz - vocals, guitar and synthesizer

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