21 March, 2013

Hypocrisy: End Of Disclosure – new album & Tales Of Thy Spineless – new video


Well Europe, ready or not, all will be revealed tomorrow, March 22nd, 2013, when the new HYPOCRISY album, ‘End Of Disclosure’, lands in your stores, descending from the conspiracy-fertile planet of Ludvika, Sweden. ‘End Of Disclosure’ will affirm the average Jane/Joe's worst fears and suspicions on April 2nd, 2013, when it is due in North America. If you’ve ever had a dream crushed, if you’ve ever had a bank loan denied, or if you’d just like to know how to correctly pronounce the term “illuminati”, do take advice from HYPOCRISY mainman Peter Tägtgren here, here and here (album trailers). Furthermore, watch their new Ville Lipiainen-directed videos for the title track (which you can download from Nuclear Blast for free here) and for ‘Tales Of Thy Spineless’ below. Produced by Peter Tägtgren in his Abyss Studios in Pärlby, Sweden with artwork created by Wes Benscoter, ‘End Of Disclosure’ awaits you here (Nuclear Blast Records Europe) and here (Nuclear Blast USA).

As the legend goes, HYPOCRISY was formed in 1990 by Peter Tägtgren in Ludvika, Sweden after having briefly lived in Florida where he had been inspired by that state's metal scene (and where he occasionally drummed for MALEVOLENT CREATION). Once securing a record deal with Nuclear Blast, Tägtgren recruited vocalist Masse Broberg, bassist Mikael Hedlund, guitarist Jonas Österberg, and drummer Lars Szöke. This lineup recorded HYPOCRISY's debut full-length, 1992's ‘Penetralia’. Without Österberg, the band released ‘Obsculum Obscenum’ in 1993, and after Broberg departed as well, Tägtgren assumed vocal duties and the production of the next album, 1994's ‘The Fourth Dimension’, followed by 1996's ‘Abducted’:
“Instead of exclusive reliance on the typical cookie-monster grunting featured on ‘The Fourth Dimension’ (the musician's first attempt at vocals), Tägtgren expands his repertoire to include sub-sonic growls and piercing black metal screeches, along with the grunts and hollers he had already mastered,” [Jason Anderson, AllMusic took notice of the musician's nearly alien-like vocal capabilities – more here]
Intended as HYPOCRISY's last album - as Tägtgren developed an alternate career as a producer and created his own electronic/industrial side-project PAIN - ‘The Final Chapter’ came out in 1997. But,
“swayed by worldwide fan pleas and weary from the unrelenting requests to produce records for other bands,” [explains the band's official bio] “his decision was made easier by a contagious desire to experience a Swedish summer outside the confines of a studio control room, to tour more (and perform half-naked!), and use Abyss Studios solely to record his own bands, as well as a few select bands.”
Tägtgren and HYPOCRISY ended the state of worldwide uncertainty with 1999's self-titled album (preceded by live album ‘HYPOCRISY Destroys Wacken 1998’), described as “100 percent pure organic metal” by Jason Hundey, AllMusic (more here). Their seventh album, ‘Into The Abyss’, was issued in 2000, followed by experimental and poorly received ‘Catch 22’ (“the disc title says it all: progress and be called a sellout by cliquish devotees; write the same album again and again and be called boring, the classic catch 22,” argued in album's defense Brian O'Neill, AllMusic – more here):
“We did a different kind of HYPOCRISY record with ‘Catch 22’ and people flipped out, y’know? So all the flipping out I do with PAIN. It’s really good to have two different bands, because whatever doesn’t fit in one, you can use with the other. I don’t want to change HYPOCRISY. It’s never been pure death metal. There are elements of doom, thrash, death, some squirts of black metal. [These are] just things I listen to that reflect in the songs,” [stated the talented man in a MetalSucks interview – read the rest of it here]
The next in the HYPOCRISY's beefy catalog, and the last album to feature long-time drummer Lars Szöke, came in 2004, ‘The Arrival’, followed by ‘Virus’ in 2005, introducing new drummer Horgh (Reidar Horghagen of IMMORTAL fame), a man Tägtgren had long admired. No less than eleventh full-length, ‘A Taste Of Extreme Divinity’, was released in 2009 through the band's loyal partner in crime, Nuclear Blast.In 2011, HYPOCRISY looked back at twenty years of chaos and confusion that seem to guide the restless genius that is Peter Tägtgren in form of a DVD accompanied by two CDs of live music recorded at the Blue Box Club in Sofia, Bulgaria entitled ‘Hell Over Sofia’. 

HYPOCRISY features: Peter Tägtgren – vocals and guitar, Mikael Hedlund – bass and Horgh – drums (and Tomas “Elof” Elofsson – live guitar)

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