12 March, 2013

Ektomorf: Black Flag – new video



It’s hard to keep up with EKTOMORF, them being such a busy band. They have a new video out (actually two, and a new record and, it turns out, a new acoustic album as well, and, we can safely suppose, a very obliging label watching their backs, that being AFM Records) for ‘Black Flag’, off their August 2012 release of the same name. ‘Black Flag’, the album, was mixed and mastered by Tue Madsen at his Antfarm Studios in Denmark, and its cover designed by Tim Eckhorst. Shop here (AFM Records store).


Hungary's EKTOMORF was founded in 1994 by brothers Farkas, vocalist and guitarist Zoltán “Zoli” and bassist Csaba, with the intention of  adapting SEPULTURA's brand of “world metal” to their own national aesthetic; a mix of 90's death metal spiced with Gypsy folk music. These days, Zoli is the only remaining original bandmember. EKTOMORF's breakthrough came in 2003, when Danish producer Tue Madsen took an interest in the band. Under his guiding hand, the group released five albums: ‘Destroy (2004), ‘Instinct’ (2005), ‘Outcast’ (2006), ‘What Doesn’t Kill Me…’ (2009) and ‘Redemption’ (2010):

“When faced with the improbable realization that ‘Redemption’ is EKTOMORF's ninth album devoted to some manner of serious SOULFLY karaoke, with nary a lawsuit or death threat from Max and Gloria Cavalera, one feels compelled to pause and wonder whether perhaps it’s time to stop bitching about this weird state of affairs and just live and let live. After all, there’s no denying that EKTOMORF typically come up with a few pretty decent SOULFLY songs every time out, and ‘Redemption’ is no exception, thanks to infectiously rudimentary chant-alongs with one combat boot planted in the realm of groove metal and the other in nu metal. And the band even breaks out of type on very rare instances, including the forbiddingly melodic ‘I’m In Hate’ and the cleanly sung, acoustically infused ‘Sea Of My Misery’. Heck, should one simply cave in and give EKTOMORF leader Zoltan Farkas credit for proving that Hungarians can speak English with a convincing Brazilian accent? (All that’s missing is an occasional “um, dois, tres, quatro,” or “jumdaf**kup!”)…” [due thanx should be reserved for Eduardo Rivadavia, AllMusic – read more here]

In February 2012, EKTOMORF issued an acoustic album called ‘The Acoustic’, featuring newly recorded songs from previous albums, new material and two cover songs by LYNYRD SKYNYRD and Johnny Cash.

EKTOMORF features: Zoltán Farkas – vocals and guitar, Szabi Murvai – bass, Tomi Schrottner – guitar and Robert Jaksa – drums




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