17 March, 2013

The New Black: Sharkpool – new video & III: Cut Loose – new album



You can’t get rid of them even if you try; they have a new video out, ‘Sharkpool’, and their brand new album is making waves over at Amazon where it is conquering charts fast. If you can imagine “BLACK LABEL SOCIETY inviting the NICKELBACK guy over for some THIN LIZZY covers, all dressed in PANTERA shirts”, then THE NEW BLACK is just what you need. The German rockers' new album, ‘III: Cut Loose’, was released on March 15th, 2013 on AFM Records and you can still download yourselves their new single ‘Count Me In’ for free here (AFM Records – enter the code: MG52K2V) or here (ReverbNation). ‘Count Me In’ comes also in video form that will stand the test of time and awaits you below. The video features a young lady called Cindy Wenk who, shortly after the filming, has been voted “Bild Girl 2013” (Bild is Germany's biggest tabloid) and is also featured in the current issue of Playboy:

“[Commented THE NEW BLACK:] Blackies & Blackettes [referring to their fans]! Thanks for the impressive click rates and all the comments to the ‘Count Me In’ clip. Now you can take the song with you wherever you go, in the car, to the bar, visiting mom or your next stint on a red carpet somewhere. Download it, crank it!”

‘III: Cut Loose’, THE NEW BLACK third album, can be found here (AFM store), here (AFM MP3 store) on iTunes and Amazon. The album's regular edition contains 12 tracks, whereas the limited digipak version offers additional song and no less than “four moody acoustic compositions”. Furthermore, the tune ‘Superhuman Mission’ proudly presents two guest vocalists, Chris Birx of MOTORJESUS and Tyler Voxx of THE BULLETMONKS (“the result: FAT!”). ‘III: Cut Loose’ was mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen:

“Not ones to be accused of cranking out basic three chord pint-of-beer rock 'n' roll, the band keeps the songs heavy, intricate, yet catchy all the way through. THE NEW BLACK's established arsenal of trademarks is fully loaded for ‘III: Cut Loose’, making rockers like ‘Superhuman Mission’, ‘Any Colour You Like (As Long As Its Black)’, ‘Muzzle & Blinkers’, ‘Sharkpool’ and ‘Not Quite That Simple’ guaranteed fan favourites. Ultimately, however, it comes down to finding your earworm of choice amongst the familiar and new twists on a working theme; there are plenty to choose from. Whether it’s the party crash MOTORHEAD-flavoured opener ‘Innocence & Time’ (if Lemmy could sing he’d sound like TNB vocalist Fludid), the groovy stomper ‘Count Me In’, a balls out '80s-with-a-harmonica rocker ‘Cut Loose’, or the oddly infectious ballad-esque “screw you” tune ‘One Thing I Know’ – it’s very clear that nothing about ‘III: Cut Loose’ was phoned in or blueprinted from previous efforts,” [added the label]


Formed “by coincidence and heavy drinking” in 2009 in Würzburg, Germany, THE NEW BLACK, after putting forth their self-titled debut album which was reportedly “an enthusiastic exploration of new territory”, self-produced their second offering entitled ‘II: Better In Black’, which was mixed by Michael Dotzler and guitarist Fabian Schwarz, mastered by Achim Köhler and issued through AFM Records in 2011.

THE NEW BLACK features: Fludid – vocals, Christof Leim – guitar, Fabian Schwarz – guitar, Günt Auschrat – bass and Chris Weiß – drums





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