24 March, 2013

The Amenta: Flesh Is Heir – new album


Australia's THE AMENTA will unshackle their new album ‘Flesh Is Heir’ tomorrow, March 25th, 2013, and release it upon this world through Listenable Records. ‘Flesh Is Heir’, currently streamed in its precise industrial black metal entirety here, at Terrorizer's, should be bought here (Listenable Records store). Take care though, THE AMENTA's music is not for the “tin-eared and terrified. This music is for the true adventurer:”
“ ‘Flesh Is Heir’ builds huge sculptures of sound from decayed choir loops and found percussion, the strongest riffs and guitar hooks in THE AMENTA catalogue and an immaculate vocal performance. Lyrically it deals with the constant war in the human psyche between the faction that desires obliteration and the faction that struggles in the mud. This bipolar theme is carried through to the music which is at once, ugly and beautiful, organic yet electronic, lightening fast but also crushingly slow, and always dark as pitch,” [the press release makes things comprehensible]

“Like all truly extreme artists, THE AMENTA has long been defined solely by its refusal to be defined.”
Formed, nay, crudely welded together in 2002 in Sydney, Australia by guitarist Erik Miehs and programmer Timothy Pope, THE AMENTA (“a fluid collective, utilizing any instrument, technique or musician to carve out hymns of decay and disgust”) first independently released the ‘Mictlan’ EP, followed by their first full-length album, ‘Occasus’, in 2004 on Listenable Records. Described by Eduardo Rivadavia, AllMusic as “claustrophobic”, “head-spinning” and “nerve-shattering” (“In sum, this secretive Aussie collective has struck upon a formidable formula with which to stun their unsuspecting prey, and that can only bode well for their future,” more here), the collective depicted it as a “deliberately atonal and ugly beast”. “Stepping away from the safety of repetition and embracing a colder, dirtier aesthetic”, THE AMENTA's second longplayer ‘n0n’, arriving in 2008, which sounded like “an aggressive video game soundtrack; futuristic yet anachronistic” to Cosmo Lee, AllMusic (more here), was according to the band received “ecstatically by critics and fans”. Once back from European and U.S. tours, THE AMENTA, now completed by vocalist Cain Cressall, drummer Robin Stone and bassist Dan Quinlan, recorded and released ‘V01D’, featuring one new (title) track and re-recordings of tracks from the two previous albums. Listen, buy or download for free from here (BandCamp), courtesy THE AMENTA:

THE AMENTA features: Cain Cressall – vocals, Timothy Pope – samples & programming, Erik Miehs – guitar, Dan Quinlan – bass and Robin Stone – drums

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