27 May, 2013

Full Album Stream: Evile: Skull – new album


Dedicated West Yorkshire, UK thrashers', EVILE, new album entitled ‘Skull’ is out now in Europe, May 27th, 2013, on Earache Records and will be released in North America on June 11th, 2013 through Century Media/Earache Records. Recorded with producer Russ Russel at Parlour Studios in Kettering, England, with artwork created by Eliran Kantor, ‘Skull’ awaits you here (Earache store Europe), here (Earache U.S. store) and here (CM Distro USA) and on iTunes. The album can be enjoyed in full below (an occasional comparison between Matt Drake/EVILE and James Hetfield/METALLICA is inevitable, I suppose)  and here (Earache YouTube channel):

Formed in 2004 by siblings Matt (vocals and rhythm guitar) and Ol Drake (lead guitar), bassist Mike Alexander, and drummer Ben Carter, EVILE independently recorded and released two EPs, 2004's ‘All Hallows Eve’ and 2006's ‘Hell Demo’, before being voted  UK's best unsigned act by readers of Terrorizer Magazine and, as a result, signed by Earache Records' founder Digby Pearson. The group's debut album, Flemming Rasmussen-produced 2007's ‘Enter The Grave’, received generally favorable critical reviews and had entered the UK Rock Chart at number 33:
“Classic thrash is alive in the new millennium!” [couldn’t contain his enthusiasm AllMusic's Eduardo Rivadavia:]  “In fact, it’s experiencing a mini renaissance across the globe, thanks to hundreds of eager young groups set on emulating the frenetic sounds first perpetrated by METALLICA, SLAYER, and company in the early '80s (surely before many musicians from this particular generation were out of their diapers… if out of the womb, come to think of it). Needless to say, Britain's EVILE are but one of many accomplished outfits stepping out into this recently formed mosh pit, but they’re doing it with remarkable panache via 2007's ‘Enter The Grave’ debut.” [Read more here]

Following the release, EVILE were sent off to tour with music's giants such as MACHINE HEAD and MEGADETH. In 2009, they retuned to the studio with producer Russ Russell with whom they recorded ‘Infected Nations’, which entered the UK Top 100 chart at number 91 and which Phil Freeman, AllMusic found to be “seriously ambitious” and “a terrific showcase for the band's musical abilities” (more here). Tragically, just weeks after the album's release, bassist Mike Alexander died due to pulmonary embolism while the band were on promoting tour. In 2011, EVILE returned with their third longplayer ‘Five Serpent's Teeth’. Again recorded with Russel, the band dedicated a song off the album, ‘In Memoriam’, to their fallen band member Mike Alexander. ‘Five Serpent's Teeth’, which introduced new bassist Joel Graham, surprised Revolver's J.D. Considine who found the album “sophisticated” and its creators “intent on perfecting, not merely imitating” (more here):
EVILE features: Matt Drake - rhythm guitar and vocals, Ol Drake - lead guitar, Ben Carter – drums and Joel Graham – bass


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