23 May, 2013

Full Album Stream: Slidhr: Deluge – new album


In my fourth year of documenting this shit, I do feel we are gaining a positive footing here since I keep writing about, listening  to or seeing horses, feathers, deserts and seas - and in this case a heavy downpour. SLIDHR also bring the horse of death:
“As unoriginal as it may sound within this kind of music, the overall concept is apocalyptic. I very much feel we are nearing the end of days and this is no bad thing. This corrupt shithole has gone too far; let’s just hit the restart button,” [the man behind SLIDHR, Joseph Deegan, told Metal Ireland – more here]
“ ‘Deluge’ sings of nature's awakening, calling on its forces to swallow this civilization. Heralding the horse of death to unite mankind with the soil. These ten songs evoke celestial turmoil and welcome the next great catastrophe upon a species hypnotised and poisoned into submission. To achieve spiritual liberty, the crown of the tyrant must be seized. By journeying beyond the physical realm and learning from the dead, those who awaken may shun the blinding light of the false sun,” [added theirs the label, Debemur Morti Productions]
You might know him as Gast from MYRKR or Joey Deegan from MAEL MORDHA or perhaps as J.D. from SOL AXIS. This time he has teamed up with CHAO drummer Bjarni Einarsson with whom he recorded an album worthy of your time and money. ‘Deluge’ is due out tomorrow, May 24th, 2013, on Debemur Morti Productions. Listen below and buy/restore some faith here (Debemur Morti e-shop):
“SLIDHR will never be a big name or whatever and there is certainly no money to be made from this kind of music so I will do whatever I want. It is a creative thing for me; it’s art. My opinion is the only one that matters at the end of the day and that won’t change in order to appeal to some losers. If SLIDHR got more exposure, fine. I don’t care either way. I’ll still make music when I am motivated to do so:” [Read the rest here/Metal Ireland]
SLIDHR features: J. Deegan – guitar, bass, vocals and art and Bjarni Einarsson - drums

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