07 May, 2013

Full Album Stream: Sadgiqacea: False Prism – new album


“As deep as the oceans and as vast as the cosmos, equally turbulent and serene”, SADGIQACEA (sad-juh-kay-sha) are but two men - drummer Fred Grabosky and guitarist Evan Schaefer. Their debut album ‘False Prism’, produced by WOE's Chris Grigg at Gradwell House in New Jersey and mastered by Colin Marston at The Thousand Caves in New York, featuring original art by the band's two musicians, is out now, May 7th, 2013, on Candlelight Records (U.S. division). Visit Pitchfork here for the album's title-track and if you like what you hear, order the CD here (Candlelight store) or search for it on Amazon. ‘False Prism’ will be released as 12” gatefold LP via Anthropic Records on May 14th, 2013 (pre-order here).
“ ‘False Prism’ is a journey through the cosmic mental process. I have listened to the album over a hundred times and it literally brings me to tears. The intensity of each song is comparable to being inside a dmt nebula and the only way out is for the vibration of yourself to throw you a rope. Each song is twisted ladder of dueling forces spiraling into cerebral destruction which leads to a path of clarity. It is both a psychic war and a triumphant reincarnation,” [wrote whoever listened to ‘False Prism’ for Anthropic Records:]

SADGIQACEA began their unrelenting and passionate quest into the realm of heavy music in 2010 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with a free ‘Submersed In Manichea’ EP (see below):

Their name apparently stands for no less than the “powerful phenomenon that is our existence, and the connection we all share with the universe as a whole”. Drawing from a multitude of dark sub-genres they skillfully manipulate “as if they were colors of paint”, drummer Fred Grabosky and guitarist Evan Schaefer are artist as well as musicians. After splits released with fellow road warriors OMINOUS BLACK and GRASS in 2011 and 2012, Candlelight Records took notice:
“Their songs are full of different sonic textures, achieved through lush effects pedal soundscapes, cacophonous vocals, devastating riffs, and bludgeoning drums. Their ability to recreate the tension and catharsis of the multiverse specially for our trodden minds and sodden souls is a feat worthy of immense praise.”

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