13 May, 2013

Hardcore Superstar: C'mon Take On Me – new video

God's personal gift to this world, Gothenburg's HARDCORE SUPERSTAR, have once again teamed up with director René U. Valdes in order to produce yet another highly educational video; ‘C’mon Take On Me’ comes off the band's ninth studio album of the same name, released in March 2013 through Nuclear Blast Records. HARDCORE SUPERSTAR's latest almanac of balls-to-the-wall hard rock was produced by the band and mixed by Randy Staub. Enjoy two additional songs from the album in their audio & video format below, and buy yourselves a fistful of timeless sleaze metal here (Nuclear Blast Records store).

Having the balls to marry two styles that grew up hating each other, thrash metal and sleaze rock, HARDCORE SUPERSTAR was formed in 1997 in Gothenburg, Sweden. They released their first album, (Swedish-only release) ‘It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll’, on Gain Records in 1998, followed by their first internationally-released album, 2000's ‘Bad Sneakers And A Pina Colada’. The band's cooperation with Music for Nations label continued for another two albums, 2001's ‘Thank You (For Letting Us Be Ourselves)’ and 2003's ‘No Regrets’. Vocalist Jocke Berg, guitarist Thomas Silver, bassist Martin Sandvik and drummer Adde Andreasson leaped onto Swedish Album Charts (at position number 12) with their next self-titled longplayer, issued on Gain Records in 2005. HARDCORE SUPERSTAR's last album recorded with guitarist Thomas Silver, and their last on Gain before switching to Nuclear Blast, came in 2007; ‘Dreamin' In A Casket’ was described as “consistent and enjoyable effort” by AllMusic's Dave Donnelly (more here). Finally recognized for their sense of humor, featuring new guitarist Vic Zino, ‘Beg For It’ followed in 2009 (“On their latest effort, they’re continuing to deliver what big-haired ladies and aging bandanna-over-the-bald-spot dudes want from a rock band,” endorsed Phil Freeman, AllMusic – more here), while AllMusic's Alexey Eremenko found HARDCORE SUPERSTAR's eight album, 2010's ‘Split Your Lip’, fit for biker's convention (“think Hell's Angels” – more here). 

HARDCORE SUPERSTAR features: Jocke Berg – vocals, Vic Zino – guitar, Martin Sandvik – bass and vocals and Magnus “Adde” Andreason – drums


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