28 May, 2013

Full Album Stream: Gevurah: Necheshirion – new EP


Well, these two sure know how to get one's attention. You’ll find GEVURAH a bit above “majesty”, just below “understanding”, and clearly opposite of “kindness” and “love”. Lifting their shield: “Que cette oeuvre soit un monument a ton nom, O Lucifer, etoile du matin…” (something about “the shining one/Lucifer” and “the morning star/Venus” - “The [morning star]?” “A woman. Same story, different versions. And all are true.”), the Canadian duo are ready to battle for the Dark Lord. Their debut recording is out now, May 28th, 2013 on Profound Lore:
“Their debut release ‘Necheshirion’ captures that moment of genuflection to give honor and praise to the reign of Lucifer during the inevitable dark aeon. Five songs spanning 33-minutes of virulent religious black metal malevolence (one song being a homage to legendary Swedish black metal horde MALIGN) which signify the process of spiritual rebirth of the enlightened Self which rises from the ashes through fire and ultimately liberates itself through death,” [Profound Lore Records espoused GEVURAH's cause]
“Ultimately GEVURAH have aimed to encompass all that is wrong with the world and ‘Necheshirion’ is certainly a work that evokes feelings of gross unease and claustrophobic paranoia, from the opening discord to the closing dissonance. GEVURAH feed on discomfort and their sound is at times overwhelming, cloying and full of sulphuric hate. ‘Necheshirion’ flows with a tangible and heady thrum of dark will and X.T's voice conveys the work of an unseemly entity via guttural roars and heightened streams of horror-laden curses,” [CVLT Nation's reviewer found the recording quite consuming – more here]
So, if you prefer the winning side, buy ‘Necheshirion’ here (Profound Lore store) or search for it on Amazon, Amazon MP3 and iTunes:

GEVURAH features: X.T. - drums and vocals and A.L. – guitar and bass

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