30 May, 2013

Mormânt De Snagov: Derisive Philosophy – new album


Frustrated, openly blasphemous and extremely serious about their craft, Finland's MORMANT DE SNAGOV second LP, ‘Derisive Philosophy’, is out now (May 30th, 2013) via Romanian label Pest Records. Hailing from the oldest city in Finland (incidentally also the official Christmas City of Finland), Turku, MORMANT DE SNAGOV also appear to be fascinated with a certain Romanian, specifically Vlad the Impaler, hence the band's name. In all honesty, it’s a bit difficult for me to phantom where you can buy ‘Derisive Philosophy’ – so I suggest you make your enquiries here (MDS store) or here (Pest Records), if interested.
“[Helped out the band's mainman Domnul Cadavru:] Whatever the source or the inspiration, I add elements from my personal views, which very often contain my thoughts about death, or just simply mock religions. I try to wake people up to realize that religion won’t save anyone from death, and death really is final. There is no resurrection, afterlife, heaven or hell. After you’re dead, you are just a piece of rotting meat. Deal with it!” [Read the rest of this revealing interview here]

Once a one-man project for guitarist and vocalist Domnul Cadavru, MORMANT (from Romanian: a grave, tomb) DE SNAGOV (according to a spurious 19th-century tradition the site of the tomb of Vlad Dracula), started out in 2008. By 2009, Cáhcerávga, Balaur and Faolán Domhnall were enlisted (see, that’s why I like to write about black metal bands):
“At [an] early stage the band decided to keep the recording process as minimalistic and organic as possible. Consequently, a professional studio was an excluded option, no commercially orientated space would have been the right stage nor would it have provided the right atmosphere for what would become the debut album of MORMANT DE SAGOV. The band contacted a good friend of theirs, VK, who set up a custom studio rigging to a place subsequently named as Arthur III. Eight songs were laid down and every one of them were included on the debut album, ‘Rise From The Void’.”
‘Rise From The Void’ was released through Wintersunset Records in 2010, followed by the very limited ‘Secluded Sleeper’ EP. In 2011, the band recorded and released ‘Detrimental Edict’ demo and amicably, of course, parted ways with bass player Cáhcerávga. With Wârcolac on bass, MORMANT DE SNAGOV released another demo, ‘Divine Dismemberment’. In 2012, the band self-financed a split with DIE SWARZE SONNE.
In related news, Pest Records is offering ‘Online Compilation Vol. 14 / 2013’ for free streaming or download here.
MORMANT DE SNAGOV features: Domnul Cadavru – vocals and guitar, Faolán Domhnall – guitar, Balaur - drums and Wârcolac – bass

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