05 August, 2013

My Ruin: Moriendo Renascor – new video

Passionately independent, MY RUIN have just released a new video for ‘Moriendo Renascor’, off the band's June 2013 self-released album called ‘The Sacred Mood’. “Heavily drenched in the heat of the South, where it was recorded, and fueled by insomnia-filled nights in Los Angeles, where it was written”, MY RUIN's eighth full-length is available on iTunes, Amazon and Amazon MP3. The Los Angeles-based band featuring the married couple vocalist Tairrie B. Murphy and multi-instrumentalist Mick Murphy and bassist Luciano Ferrea, recorded the album at Soundtrack Black Studio in Knoxville, Tennessee with Joel Stooksbury who mixed, engineered and co-produced the new album, along with Mick Murphy. ‘The Sacred Mood’s art was created by Kayleigh Brookes:
“Powerful, passionate and romantic yet unashamedly brutal, the likes of ‘God Is A Girl With A Butcher Knife’ sees Murphy screaming herself hoarse while ‘Insomniac Moon’ conjures up images of the vocalist sat up at 4am in the quiet dark, poring every thought into the lyrics of this intense part spoken-word passage. Through her lyrics, there is a whole world that Murphy explores and uncovers; it’s a world that is dark, romantic and times horrific but, at the same time, as you will find listening to the likes of the breathtaking "Moriendo Renascor", it’s a world hard not to want to immerse yourself in,” [wrote Graham Finney, PureGrainAudio – more here]
“I’ve written and recorded 8 albums with MY RUIN over the years and each one holds a special place in my heart. I’ve grown as an artist but have always stayed true to myself and my art. Being in the music industry you open yourself up to having to deal with an endless parade of countless assholes, disappointments and misery. There have been many days that I’ve wanted to walk away because it has never been easy. That being said – I’ve never been in it for the money or the fame, I’ve been in it for the music and this is why I remain. I am also blessed to have a husband and guitar player who feels the same. There would be no MY RUIN without the music of Mick Murphy. I spill the blood with my lyrics but he is the soul of the band and the champion of our independent spirit,” [wrote Tairrie B. Murphy]

Founded in 1999 in Los Angeles, USA by rapper and former TURA SATANA singer Tairrie B., MY RUIN's first recording, a single entitled ‘Terror/June 10th’, was issued soon after the project's inception, followed by a debut LP ‘Speak And Destroy’. Their first Nick Raskulinecz-produced recording, ‘A Payer Under Pressure Of Violent Anguish’, came next in the year 2000, and after their first live studio album, 2001's ‘To Britain With Love & Bruises’, and a double CD compilation called ‘Blasphemous Girl’, Century Media issued MY RUIN's first EP, 2003's ‘The Shape Of Things To Come’. That same year the band, described as “four hungry heads in a quartet hardened through cohesion” by Johnny Loftus, AllMusic (more here), recorded their next full-length of “L.A. Whiskey-style hard rock [mixed] with elements of thrash and sludgy goth”, ‘The Horror Of Beauty’. MY RUIN have become a duo just as sessions were about to begin for their next release, 2005's ‘The Brutal Language’. With Mick Murphy bravely assuming both bass and drum duties, MY RUIN's fourth LP followed on their own imprint Rovena Recordings. 2008's ‘Throat Full Of Heart’ was followed quickly by another live album and a live DVD. After 2010's ‘Ghosts And Good Stories’, the wife-and-husband hard rock/stoner metal duo made their seventh album available for free download via BandCamp. Described as “vital and impassioned album”, “a tapestry of gorgeous black noise” and “a lethal combination of art, revenge, and catharsis” by metal press, ‘A Southern Revelation’ was released in December 2011:

MY RUIN features: Tairrie B. Murphy – vocals, Mick Murphy - guitar, bass and drums and Luciano Ferrea – bass (and Joel Stooksbury and John Lousteau – live drums)


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