17 August, 2013

Buckcherry: Nothing Left But Tears – new video



BUCKCHERRY's new video ‘Nothing Left But Tears’ was directed by Daniel Andres Gomez Bagby. The tune itself comes off the group's sixth studio album ‘Confessions’, issued through Eleven Seven Music and Century Media Records in February 2013. A loose concept album that revolves around the notion of seven deadly sins and is inspired by events in singer's Josh Todd childhood, ‘Confessions’ has debuted at number 20 on the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart with over 18,500 copies sold in the USA in its first week of release. The disc has also entered both the Billboard Hard Music Album chart and Metal Album chart at number 1, as well as maintaining the number 1 spot on the iTunes Rock Album chart throughout the release week. Produced by the band themselves, BUCKCHERRY's ‘Confessions’ awaits you here (CM Distro), at Amazon and on iTunes:

“BUCKCHERRY have not always given the impression that they have hidden depths. Still firmly tethered to the LA band's trademark blend of grubby rock'n'roll and strutting gutter-punk, ‘Confessions’ seeks to confound received wisdom by exploring the grueling reality of frontman Josh Todd's troubled childhood and wild adolescence. With the seven deadly sins providing a thematic core, there is plenty of room for BUCKCHERRY to please those diehard fans that demand hard-edged party anthems, not least on ‘Wrath’ and their first single, ‘Gluttony’. Much like their obvious forebears AEROSMITH, this band have never been afraid to pen a dewy-eyed ballad, and ‘The Truth’ and ‘ Dreamin' Of You’ are two of their best to date,” [wrote Dom Lawson, The Guardian – read more here]


BUCKCHERRY, Los Angeles hard rockers best known for partying too hard and writing songs about it, formed in 1995 by singer Joshua Todd and guitarist Keith Nelson. After the recruitment of bassist Jonathan Brightman, drummer Devon Glenn and second guitarist Yogi, the band had signed with DreamWorks Records and issued BUCKCHERRY's self-titled debut LP in 1999. Their second album, ‘Time Bomb’, released the following year, was received well by fans but badly by critics. For example, AllMusic's Steven Jacobetz commented:

“… for a second record, it’s surprising how jaded and nihilistic they are already. Singer Josh Todd declares in the chorus of the title track, “life ain’t nothin' but bitches and money”, while the band sounds like an AC/DC clone. If there’s any element of truth in songs like ‘Porno Star’, ‘Slit My Wrists’, and ‘Whiskey In The Morning’, fans should be concerned for the members' safety and hope to not find one of them dead soon.” [More here]

In 2002, vocalist and founding member Joshua Todd unexpectedly quit the group. BUCKCHERRY reunited in 2005; founders Todd and Nelson added drummer Xavier Muriel, bassist Jimmy Ashhurst and guitarist Stevie D to the lineup, and as such the band recorded their third full-length entitled ‘15’ which they released through Eleven Seven Music and Atlantic Records. Eventually turning Platinum, 2006's ‘15’ remained on the American albums charts Billboard 200 for 98 weeks. (“No matter how you like your rock served up, BUCKCHERRY dish it with delight, and you’ll be wolfing it down and demanding more,” commented AllMusic's Jo-Ann Greene – more here.) Continuing on their curving path, BUCKCHERRY's next effort, 2008's ‘Black Butterfly’, got verbally abused by Stephen Thomas Erlewine, AllMusic, who described the band as “self-appointed saviors of sleaze” and their music as “secondhand AEROSMITH ripoff stripped of boogie” and “the sound of a slow slide into the monotony of addiction” (more to be found here). The aforementioned music critic welcomed the band “back from the murky hangover” in 2010, when BUCKCHERRY's fifth studio album was issued: “The swagger has a bit of a snap, the rhythms a little more swing, the guitars snarl a little bit harder - subtleties that are notable when the music is so by the book, as BUCKCHERRY's is. If they can’t quite deliver the songs or hooks - and they can’t - they need to have the attitude, which they do here,” he wrote (more here). 2010's ‘All Night Long’ debuted at number 10 on the Billboard Top 200.

BUCKCHERRY features: Josh Todd – vocals, Keith Nelson – lead guitar, Stevie D. – rhythm guitar, Jimmy Ashhurst – bass and Xavier Muriel – drums




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