26 August, 2013

Call Of The Void: Abomination – new video & Dragged Down A Dead End Path – full album stream

CALL OF THE VOID are to be forgiven for their new video because, we are told, just a couple of years ago they were apparently regarded as a “noisy interruption, a sideshow sanctioned by the bar yet seemingly uninvited by its patrons” by the University of Colorado students present at their concert. A lot has changed for the band since; for one, they have a record out on Relapse Records since March 2013 called ‘Dragged Down A Dead End Path’, and they get high marks for their effort from the likes of Pitchfork's Andy O’Connor who wrote:
“Low end is pronounced, almost to the point where it would be more appropriate to call them a fast sludge band rather than grindcore. This is especially true on the latter half of ‘Theory Of Mind’, where around 0:53 the band unleashes a groovy break that resembles TRAGEDY listening to a lot of PANTERA. A call-to-arms rave-up going into a chunky riff shouldn’t meld, but CALL OF THE VOID's ability to fuse disparate extreme metal influences makes it succeed,” [read the rest here]
So, if in need of being shouted at with violent hate for 25 minutes, then ‘Dragged Down A Dead End Path’, the debut album by Colorado's (“filthy powerviolence-charred”) CALL OF THE VOID, is for you. Recorded in two and a half days at the Boar's Nest in Salt Lake City, Utah with Andy Patterson and mastered by Chris Mcnaughton, with its art created by professional squinter Anthony Lucero, ‘Dragged Down A Dead End Path’ is out since March 2013 and awaits your order, in all available formats, here (Relapse Records store). Bleed your ears here (BandCamp) or below:
“Rarely does a debut record come bursting out of the gates this ferociously angry and, frankly, awesome. Stirring up a pissed off mix of NAPALM DEATH and HIS HERO IS GONE, Colorado's CALL OF THE VOID pound out a furious ten song grand f*ing slam of a record. ‘Dragged Down A Dead End Path’ truly lives up to its name, because this is a record that beats listeners into submission. Blending hardcore, sludge, powerviolence, crust and grind, CALL OF THE VOID are legit rising stars in hardcore and metal. ‘Dragged Down A Dead End Path’s crust and grind elements seamlessly merge to conjure visions of grind godfathers PIG DESTROYER while effortlessly treading the abrasive caustic nature of CONVERGE's hybrid progressive hardcore and MASTODON's technical metal-tinged rock mastery,” [the label tell us:]

CALL OF THE VOID features: Gordon Koch- drums, Patrick Alberts – guitar, Alex Pace – bass and Steve Vanica – vocals 


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