23 August, 2013

Annihilator: Feast – new album


Jeff Waters and his ANNIHILATORs are back with their fourteenth album called ‘Feast’. Released through UDR (“the home of legends”) in Europe today, August 23rd, 2013, the album is due in North America on August the 27th. ‘Feast’ is available as limited-edition eco-book with bonus disc ‘Re-Kill’ - best of ANNIHILATOR re-recorded in 2012, as CD jewel case, as LP gatefold, as digital download and as D2C fan-package. Visit UDR store here to order the ‘Feast’, or search for it on iTunes or Amazon/Amazon MP3. For additional information, do scroll down and check out ANNIHILATOR ‘Feast’ EPK.

By now, all should know that ANNIHILATOR is the lifework of guitarist Jeff Waters, who founded the band in 1984 in his native Vancouver, Canada. ANNIHILATOR's debut album, ‘Alice In Hell’, which Waters wrote, produced, and played guitar and bass on, was released in 1989 through Roadrunner Records to a wild public and critical acclaim. The album was re-released twice, in 1998 with three bonus tracks and again in 2003:

The ever changing lineup, with Waters being the only permanent bandmember, released ‘Never, Neverland’ next. Commented Alex Henderson, AllMusic:
“ ‘Never, Neverland’ is a blistering gem that takes no prisoners either musically or lyrically. In fact, ANNIHILATOR's lyrics could be quite substantial, and the headbangers offer hard-hitting commentary on subjects raging from drunken driving to religious fanaticism to environmental destruction,” [more here:]

On 1993's ‘Set The World On Fire’, ANNIHILATOR adopted a more traditional metal and hard rock sound; the experiment which ended up alienating a big portion of the band's fans resulted in Roadrunner dropping the band after issuing their 1994's ‘Bag Of Tricks’ compilation. Next, ANNIHILATOR signed with Music For Nations and released several albums through the label: 1994's ‘King Of The Kill’, 1996's ‘Refresh The Demon and 1997's ‘Remains’, squeezing live album, ‘In Command’, between the last two: 

On ANNIHILATOR's seventh full-length, 1999's ‘Criteria For A Black Widow’, Waters reunited the ‘Alice In Hell’ line-up excluding bass player Wayne Darley who was replaced by Russ Bergquist. AllMusic's Steve Huey commented as follows: “Waters sounds rejuvenated by the presence of his old band-mates, who turn in exciting performances. There’s a sense of over-the-top fun, which makes it [the album] overall a triumphant return.” (More here) ‘Carnival Diablos’, released in 2001, was the first recording to feature OVERKILL's Joe Comeau on vocals. The band's ninth album, ‘Waking The Fury’, was issued the following year and their tenth, 2004's ‘All For You’, was the album which introduced ANNIHILATOR's current vocalist Dave Padden. 2005's ‘Schizo Deluxe’ and its follower, 2007's ‘Metal’, on which Waters had gathered a whole array of guest musicians, including Angela Gossow (ARCH ENEMY), Corey Beaulieu (TRIVIUM) and Willie Adler (LAMB OF GOD), were received particularly well by critics.  In 2010, ANNIHILATOR released their thirteenth, self-titled album through Earache Records Europe. The label decided to reissue six ANNIHILATOR albums and had offered a free ANNIHILATOR compilation album entitled ‘Total Annihilation’. Sacrifice your email address and you can download it here (Earache Records) free of charge. 

ANNIHILATOR features: Dave Padden – vocals and guitar, Jeff Waters – guitar and vocals, Al Campuzano - bass and Mike Harshaw – drums

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