30 August, 2013

Full Album Stream: Gorguts: Colored Sands – new album


And now, ladies and gentlemen, the new GORGUTS album, ‘Colored Sands’. Out today, August 30th, 2013, in Europe on Season Of Mist, the album is expected to hit North American stores precisely on September the 3rd. In the meantime, give it a spin here (BandCamp), or below, from where you are most welcome to buy ‘Colored Sands’ as well I’m sure, or get it from Season Of Mist e-shop here. A fine, if demanding, listen, ‘Colored Sands’ was twelve years in the making, a true labour of love for the re-formed GORGUTS:
“Writing the music for this record has brought back the flame in me to enjoy the process of crafting a death-metal song. Writing the music for this record also brought to me a gift of friendship by working with Colin [Martson from DYSRYTHMIA, BEHOLD THE ARCTOPUS and KRALLICE], Kevin [Hufnagel from DYSRYTHMIA] and John [Longstreth from ORIGIN and DIM MAK]… Dear fans, I can never thank each of you enough for your support with the little messages sent to us through the modern media. Please, grab your headphones, close your eyes… and crank the volume up! Come with us, through the magic of compositions… sound painting, I like to call it… We’ll make a trip to Tibet to witness magnificent beauties… as well as a dramatic fate,” [stated Luc Lemay, GORGUTS founder, vocalist and guitarist:]

One of the “most advanced, experimental, and challenging groups in the entire [death metal] genre” (William York, AllMusic – more here) was formed in 1989 in Quebec, Canada by vocalist Luc Lemay, guitarist Sylvain Marcoux, bassist Eric Giguere and drummer Stephane Provencher. Roadrunner Records signed GORGUTS in 1990 on the strength of their first demo ‘And Then Comes Lividity’ and their 1991 debut full-length, ‘Considered Dead’, featured guest appearances from DEATH guitarist James Murphy and CANNIBAL CORPSE's Chris Barnes. Its successor, 1993's ‘Erosion Of Sanity’, witnessed the band becoming more experimental and technical. A hiatus of five years followed after which Luc Lemay reemerged with a new line-up of guitarist Steeve Hurdle, bassist Steve Cloutier and drummer Patrick Robert. Signed to Olympic Records, this lineup released ‘Obscura’ in 1998, “an uncompromising, hugely ambitious album that met with a mixed reception: some applauded its experimentation, while others found it too far-out and dissonant”. GORGUTS' fourth album, 2001's ‘From Wisdom To Hate’, was the only album to feature guitarist Daniel Mongrain and drummer Steve MacDonald who committed suicide in 2002 which, together with business issues, led to the band's eventual split-up in 2005.

GORGUTS features: Luc Lemay – guitar and vocals, Kevin Hufnagel – guitar, Colin Marston – bass and John Longstreth - drums

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