30 August, 2013

Full Album Stream: Saint Vitus: Die Healing – reissue & C.O.D. – reissue

   St.Vitus_DieHealing         St.Vitus_COD

That fine French label, Season Of Mist, has taken up the worthy cause of re-releasing the godfathers' of American doom metal, SAINT VITUS, classics, 1992's ‘C.O.D.’ and 1995's ‘Die Healing’. Remastered and enriched with two previously unreleased bonus tracks, ‘C.O.D.’ features COUNT RAVEN's Christian Linderson on vocals, while ‘Die Healing’ sees original SAINT VITUS singer, Scott Reagers, return to the microphone. The reissues are already available on CD and limited–edition coloured vinyl gatefold LPs in Europe and North America. You’ll find all the available formats here (Season Of Mist e-shop). Enjoy ‘Die Healing’ below and visit BandCamp here for ‘C.O.D.’s title-track. Also, visit SAINT VITUS on BandCamp here:

Formed in 1979 in Los Angeles, California, SAINT VITUS were largely influenced by BLACK SABBATH whose song ‘Saint Vitus Dance’ eventually inspired their moniker. Originally called “Tyrant”, vocalist Scott Reagers, guitarist Dave Chandler, bassist Mark Adams and drummer Armando Acosta, recorded two demos before changing the band's name. The aforementioned lineup released two albums, the 1984's eponymous debut and 1985's ‘Hallow's Victim’ as well as ‘The Walking Dead’ EP, was also issued in 1985 by SST Records. Scott “Wino” Weinrich, who replaced Reagers in 1986, recorded three albums and an EP as SAINT VITUS' vocalist: 1986's ‘Born Too Late’, 1987's ‘Thirsty And Miserable’ EP, 1988's ‘Mournful Cries’ and 1990's ‘V’ (Roman numeral five), which was issued through German label Hellhound Records. ‘Live’, a live recording and a compilation album ‘Heavier Than Though’ were released by SAINT VITUS' labels before Scot Weinrich's departure in 1991. Swedish vocalist Chritus Linderson was invited to perform on the band's next record, 1992's ‘C.O.D.’, and the original singer Scott Reagers returned on 1995's ‘Die Healing’. SAINT VITUS disbanded in 1996 but have reunited several times since. Their eight album and their first since 1995, ‘Lille: F-65’, was issued in April/May 2012 through Season Of Mist Records. The seven tracks which made up ‘Lille: F-65’ featured the patron saint Scott “Wino” Weinrich (also of PREMONITION 13 etc) on vocals, Dave Chandler on guitar, Mark Adams on bass and Henry Vasquez on drums. The album was produced by Tony Reed and reviewed by Eduardo Rivadavia whose inspired writing should be read in full here (AllMusic):
“2012's oddly named ‘Lillie: F-65’ - a concept album about a troubled girl whose title doubles as a veiled reference to one of Chandler's barbiturate downers of choice, back in the day. And despite Acosta's unfortunate absence (he passed away in late 2010, ceding the drum stool to Henry Vasquez), the reconstituted SAINT VITUS have, by and large, efficiently resurrected their vintage sound in all its primal, unassuming, pre-digital age simplicity. Most obvious of all is the fact that this is Chandler's band, and Wino openly acknowledges it, or else he wouldn’t have left both his guitar and prodigious shredding back home, and deferred to Chandler's almost remedial abilities on the instrument - basically the very definition of SAINT VITUS:”

SAINT VITUS features: Scott “Wino” Weinrich – vocals, Dave Chandler – guitar, Mark Adams – bass and Henry Vasquez – drums

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