02 August, 2013

Debauchery: Kings Of Carnage – new album



The new DEBAUCHERY album, out now, August 2nd, 2013, on Massacre Records, is said to come straight from hell:

“An amalgam of blood and violence based on the DEBAUCHERY world of carnage (with attached table-top wargame and collector`s miniatures like Bob, the Butcher of Bitches), the album tells about monsters, making cookies out of people in industrial murder-camps. It tells about murder-engines coming through the gates of hell to make our world their battleground, screaming their warcry: Yes we kill! It tells about the last crusade, an alliance of Christians and dragons, it tells about demonslayers and the Brotherhood of the Blood.”

So now you know. ‘Kings Of Carnage’ was recorded and produced at the House Of Music Studios with Dennis Ward. Its art was created by iconic illustrator Adrian Smith. This new death metal masterpiece is available (as limited edition digipak with a 5-song bonus CD which includes exclusive cover songs, and as LP) in DEBAUCHERY bloodstore here, on Amazon/Amazon MP3 and on iTunes (from August 2nd until August 4th, people living in Germany, Switzerland and Austria can download the album for 5€ from Amazon.de).


Formed in 2000 (back then proverbially known as “Maggotcunt”) by Thomas (the man in blood, one of the Blood Gods of the Dark Breed Legions) Gurrath in Stuttgart, Germany, DEBAUCHERY in 2000 consisted of guitarist, bassist and vocalist Gurrath and drummer Dani, who was apparently forced to leave the band after an onstage fight with the band's mainman Thomas. “Displaying an acute taste for the macabre”, DEBAUCHERY released their debut album ‘Kill Maim Burn’ with it “wasting no time with subtlety or subterfuge, but rather laid out the German group's career-spanning death metal agenda in all its gory, blood-splattered detail, for all to see, or hear, as it were” (Eduardo Rivadavia, AllMusic – more here), followed by 2004's ‘Rage Of The Bloodbeast’, 2005's ‘Torture Pit’, 2007's ‘Back In Blood’, 2008's ‘Continue To Kill’ and 2009's double album ‘Rockers & War’.

“Ironically,” [wrote Eduardo Rivadavia, AllMusic] “it was revealed in 2010 that Gurrath was otherwise employed as a high-school philosophy teacher by day, but had to resign his position when school officials found out about his parallel musical activities and forced him to choose between the two. Naturally, he chose DEBAUCHERY.” [More here]

Ironically, Thomas Gurrath is apparently a vegetarian who has cooperated with PETA (American animal rights organization) in the past. Undeterred by controversy, DEBAUCHERY marched on, issuing ‘Germany's Next Death Metal’ in 2011, the band's eight album.

DEBAUCHERY features: Thomas, the Man in Blood - agonizing sound-blades of mass murder, voices of war, scream-killing and monster growls and The Murder Squad: John Smith, shape-changing Killerbeast of the Cult of Gore – killsaw, Bob, the Butcher of Bitches - girl-raping Chainsaw and Bloodspawn, the Corpsebeast, one of the Kings of Carnage - blastmaster-battery. And The Blood Babes: La Killsha, the Demon Doll, first lady of the Blood Court, Elizadeath, the Hellwhore, demon lady of the Carnage Klan, Bathory Butchery, assassine of the Aristocratic Cult, Butcher Barbie, blademaster of the Killer Klan and Gorechild, demon lady of the Aristocratic Cult



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