20 August, 2013

Full Album Stream: Born Of Osiris - Tomorrow We Die ∆live – new album & M∆chine – new video



Don’t count American progressive technical death metal act BORN OF OSIRIS among the living dead yet. They are very much alive; in fact, their third full-length album, ‘Tomorrow We Die Alive’, is out now, August 20th, 2013. Released through Sumerian Records, the album was co-produced by Nick Sampson and the band, mixed and mastered by Joey Sturgis and with artwork provided by the amazing Cameron Gray, ‘Tomorrow We Die Alive’ awaits your order on iTunes, Amazon, Amazon MP3 and on Google Play. Courtesy Sumerian Records, you can listen to the album in its delightful entirety here (Sumerian Records' YouTube channel) as well as below.


BORN OF OSIRIS was formed in 2003 in Chicago, Illinois by guitarist Lee McKinney, vocalist Ronnie Canizaro, keyboardist and vocalist Joe Buras, bassist David DaRocha, drummer Cameron Losch, and guitarist Matt Pantelis. The young musicians used to be known as “Rosecrance” back then, and as such they released their debut self-titled EP via Sumerian Records in 2006. Their second EP (and their first as BORN OF OSIRIS), ‘The New Reign’, followed in 2007, after which guitarist Pantelis departed (to join the VEIL OF MAYA). The band's debut full-length, ‘A Higher Place’, was issued in 2009, debuting at number 73 on the Billboard 200:

“ ‘A Higher Place’ lives up to its title by being significantly more psychedelic and melodic, without sacrificing the musical intricacy that made them kings of what some are calling “Sumerian-core” - a blend of tech-death and hardcore played by preternaturally talented youngsters. The production, by Zeuss, makes the band sound huge, easily competing with more mainstream heavy acts like DARKEST HOUR or LAMB OF GOD while maintaining their unique sound,” [didn’t make much sense Phill Freeman, AllMusic who nevertheless defined that elusive genre known to some as “sumeriancore” – more here]

In 2011, BORN OF OSIRIS released their second, this time self-produced, record titled ‘The Discovery’ which debuted at number 87 on the Billboard Top 200 chart, selling over 6,000 copies in its first week of release:

“Those keyboards, which occasionally come to the fore, sometimes make ‘The Discovery’ sound like an album that was recorded in a studio with two rooms at which a progressive rock band was working next door and their music sometimes bled through the wall,” [had a good time reviewing the album William Ruhlmann, AllMusic – more here]

BORN OF OSIRIS features: Ronnie Canizaro – lead vocals, Joe Buras – keyboards, synthesizer, programming and vocals, Lee McKinney – guitar and engineering, David Darocha – bass and Cameron Losch – drums



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